A warm open fire place to greet us – in the wheelbarrow

A good crowd of ladies had turned up and the weather was fine.

Even Stevens marked us  a short run on the easy square blocks of Wembley. Well Done

The Circle was led by GM in training CTD, in Camel’s absence

Even Stevens and her co-hare husband Chris were the first for a Down Down in the Circle

Visitor Yvonne was called out for a Welcome DD and Knee-Hi bought in to help her as she had not told her what to expect.

Drinks for Returnees Cactus and DJ

A 69’er DD for Zip-It for 369 er.

LaFitz was keen to give away the Bitchy Britches and they went to Wenchy

BrightSpark with the Droopy Boobs passed them on to Xena

Charges – firstly to the Talkers down the Back Suction , Commando , Sarge , Banger and Mary Poppins was dragged in too!

Our thoughts are with our GM Camel who is in Queensland with her daughter Tara after the birth of Twin boys at 27 weeks premature.

Cookie told us a joke about the guy who could have got the Disability pension.

HeadBanger invited everyone to her place for next weeks run

It will be the 1st  August – Girl Friends Day – and the Horse’s Birthday

No need to Dress-up , just come be merry and relax with your girlfriends