Half Cut and I were a little late because of my vague instructions, I  must say,  but alas all worked out well because we scored a parking spot behind the Splash in the driveway.

The weather looked a little ominous, but we set off under cloudy but dry skies. Stopped off at JEWELS’ house  for a welcome, warm mulled wine. Quite a long run/walk but well set and thoroughly enjoyable.  Well done BRIGHT SPARK on your virgin run

When we arrived back and had a few nibbles and a drink we were entertained by BRIGHT SPARK’S daughter Sheryl. Her fire dance performance was great and very clever. Well done.

We had just started the circle when down came the rain but fortunately plenty of cover for everyone.

Down Down for our visitor DEONNE and then our new member LINDA.

Down Down for CALL GIRL 100 runs – choc cake and short bread bikkies. Also for SHOW OFF for 500 runs. Gold Badge and fabulous jumper decorated once again by COOKIE. Yummy cake made by CRAFTY.

70TH Birthday celebrations for SUPER in her absence (in sunny Broome) by her look- a -like Harriettes wearing face masks of her. Masks and yummy lemon chiffon cake made by HOME JAMES.

GUIDE DOG gave BITCHY BRITCHES to LA FITZ for saying YAHOO when GUIDE DOG said she had to get rid of them on the night because she was going overseas.

SARGE nominated BRIGHT SPARK for the DROOPY BOOBS for hanging the Rampant Lion upside down!!

Suggestions were asked for a naming of Sheryl after her fire show. They were PHEONIX, JOHNNY CASH, FIRE EATER, INFERNO, FIRE BUG or FLAMBE’. SARGE tipped beer over her head and named her PHEONIX.

Dunsborough weekend now 13th and 14th October.

Charges for GUIDE DOG for going away and BRIGHT SPARK for not wearing any tartan or anything that resembled her heritage when she had suggested others did so.  Also charged SAM  for turning up to SARG’S 70th at Sorrento Surf Club on the wrong night in her disco gear, to a 50th birthday celebration with a theme of “Around the World”. No worries, she had a great night anyway with those younguns.

Sang song (not Chinese) at 9.15. Great night, good food helped by all the other wee hens.