We had a great run around Duncraig and surrounds tonight. Lots of walkways and parks, some lovely houses and a good variety of terrain.

Good run girls!

Circle started pretty quickly as we had to be in the restaurant by 8.30pm.

VISITORS: Welcome to Linda – hope to see you back again.

RETURNEES: Sarge (glad you avoided all the terror attacks), Radiator and Puddles were back to save us from drinking all the splash and running amuck.


200 – Lone Ranger – Roll On presented the cake but we were informed it was made by Triple J

400 – Halfcut – Bumbo made her a cake

1000 – Tip’m – cake from Halfcut and a beautiful Quillow made by Shorty and a great version of Dancing Queen by Tickets!

Well done girls!

BITCHY BRITCHES: No new takers so a carry over to Guide Dog

DROOPY BOOBS: Liberty put herself in for these – she wasn’t listening and made a comment to Guide Dog about the Boobs.

HASHY BIRTHDAY: Stiffy was our Birthday girl tonight.


CTD – Advertised Brightspark’s run as being in Morley instead of Hillarys

Even Stevens – for running over Seagals foot with the Esky

Kebab – thought Mustang’s dog treats were mints.

Kebab – Sent Lone Ranger an RSVP for her Tupperware party then didn’t turn up and when reminded sent a 500 word essay with a reason.

Tip’m – Fond farewell for a few weeks whilst she runs with Vineyard Hash and tours around Austria and Europe with XYZ.


Thrifty had her shoe off before the circle began – she knew if she didn’t Coaster would dob her in! Ah sisterly love!

Just enough time for the song and we all made a dash for the warm restaurant and delicious food.


Thanks for a great evening Jewells and Nightfill.