Run 2018                Dingbat’s Dianella Dash with a Downfall!                                 6 June 2017


Wow! What a scenic run set by our virgin hare, Dingbat!

We enjoyed ogling at the mansions until Liberty took a different ‘root’ with a nose dive, a mouthful of dirt and some aftershock which had Ballbreaker calling 000 for an ambulance. After support either side from Oasis and Pumpkin, Liberty regained her feistiness (much to Banger’s embarrassment) and refused one however, and opted for a ride home in the Cactus krankenwagen.  (I had to write that, isn’t that a beautiful German descriptive word?) We’re fortunate to have our own ED nurse, Bumbo, who took great care of the patient, who later went to hospital and was diagnosed with a broken arm at the wrist and got plastered as a result!

A circle with lots of hilarity was ably conducted by CTD, our next GM, and we thanked Dingbat and her co-hares Tutti Fruitti and Tip’m.

Stiffy was welcomed back, DJ has celebrated another birthday, and Cookie showed us how to handle 1269 runs.

Bitchy Britches: A good charge from Pumpee on Kebab, but Stiffy scored them after rudely suggesting Crafty’s anklet meant she’d escaped custody.

Droopy Boobs: To add insult to injury Liberty now has them for her fall thanks to CTD’s proposal.

Charges: Coaster -new shoes; Knee High who lost her pubic hair on the run, (a kerkin! we’re told) which Kebab retrieved, luckily; Crafty asked Xena if she could lean on her to turn herself on before the run; and Leopard was charged by Tip’m for being half charged all night running with only one flashing shoe.

Cookie and Tip’m told us jokes which made us laugh some more, then circle over,

we queued for most delicious lasagne and salad.

Thank you, Dingbat for a great night.

On, on.

Aunty Val.