Run No. 2011 – 18 April 2017 – 6 Coulsen Close, Noranda


It was the first Tuesday after Easter and with a number of the girls dressed up in bunny ears, a great crowd gathered at the home of Tip’m & XYZ on a cool night which brought a few drops of rain.  Thankfully the rain came to nothing and we enjoyed a delightful, but fairly lengthy, amble around the suburb of Noranda.  I’m wondering if XYZ was the No. 1 Hare and Tip’m his Apprentice! I spent most of the time in deep conversation with Guide Dog, Seagul, Xena, Coaster and others, where the talk bounced between Netflix, movies, football, sea cruises, Matilda the Musical, break-ins, arson and other topics.  I did notice, however, HARRIETTES that there wasn’t much calling on the run. Thank-you to Tip’m & XYZ for chilli, macaroni/cheese & salad and thank-you for welcoming us into your delightful garden.


The Circle was called by our GM, Camel:


Hare:  Tip’m. Co-hare: XYZ

Visitors: Lick-it-Stick-it from Germany. Concord, XYZ & Sir Kumsize. (See below).

Returnees: Octopussy – not sure where Occy has been? Miss Muffet – again AWOL for a time.  Xena – I think just being slack and cuddled up on the sofa with Patrick watching TV! And where was Butt-Less in this little group? Keeping quiet on the sidelines – we owe you a Down Down, Butt-Less.

69er: DJ – and in front of Sir Kumsize!

Special Run: Even  Stevens for 1100 runs. Presented with a cake by Liberty and a bottle of champers from the Committee on behalf of everyone.

Bitchy Britches: The first contender was Tip’m from Occy – something rude about the bloody walkers only going 200 metres before turning back. However, the latest wearer of the Bitchy Britches is Dingbat (nominated by Topless) for thinking she was a more classy Easter bunny than anyone else. Britches handed over by Even Stevens with a chorus of wolf whistles and did I see something of a little strip-tease?

Droopy Boobs – still AWOL – Banger still has them, somewhere….

For The Visiting Men from Hamersley A Song from Tickets

And to the tune of All Things Bright & Beautiful:







Tickets by Crafty – for composing her little ditty to Concord, XYZ & Sir Kumsize to the tune of All Things Bright & Beautiful. Them???,

Even Stevens by Banger – a bit rude to mention but something to do with the wearing of the Bitchy Britches and feeling a part of the male anatomy.


The Circle ended with DIY leading us in our song.


PS: XGMs run on 23 May – theme Animal Farm.

Gorgeous needs hares for June/July/August.

Xena has Entertainment Books for sale – to benefit Breast Cancer Research.


See you at Leeming next week.


Rice Bowl