RUN  2010   11th April, 2017      Cleo

Arrive at Cleo’s house once again; still get blown away with the garden setting. WOW.

Lovely run up and down walk ways to a FT and some hills and parks great keeping pack together.

I even found myself in front at one stage with HALF CUT. We must have gone the right way.[Symbol]

On the run I was trying to explain to TOPLESS it’s my run next week. TOPLESS thinks is my 1000th

No buddy (NOT MY 1000th) just my run.XX

She still didn’t get it. Xxx

On to another FT and turned around again.  HEADBANGER and WENCHY run pass, find trail.

Before you know it we see cars and SHORTY calling on HOME.

We had a good night and good food.



HARE:                                   CLEO / Co HARE – WOMBAT


RETURNEES:                       COWPAT-BACKSEAT-BALLBREAKER-EVEN STEVENS-NO NAME &   –                                    

                                              CLOSE TO ME.


SPECIAL RUNS:                   NONE

BIRTHDAYS:                        SHOWOFF

69ERS:                                  DIY 169  –  BALLBREAKER  469

BITCHY BRITCHES:             GO TO EVEN STEVENS & NOT TICKETS                                                       

DROOPY BOOBS:               AWOL

HERK BEAR:                        BUMBO gets to do a Herk. She had a hard weekend in Lancelin. 

CHARGES:                           First Lost Property:- GUIDE DOG, Stubby Holder & Jacket. 

                                             HEAD BANGER on SHOW OFF and SARGE for snoring.

                                             GORGEOUS on HEAD BANGER for leaving camera

                                        GUIDE DOG on SARGE for missing towel?

                                        JEWELLS on TICKETS who was on the list to go to Lancelin .

                                        REVERESED TICKETS didn’t put her name on the list, wanted to go to

                                        The Hamersley Lunch instead. (oops) that was a charge.  

                                        SARGE, SHOW OFF, TICKETS, JEWELLS & EVEN STEVENS all have a drink.


All good another run and fun night.

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