Crafty and hubby Bill did a great job setting a fantastic run around the beautiful suburb of Yokine on a perfect evening after threats of rain.
Quite a few returnees including Crafty Catcus Running bear Small goods Lone ranger Zena and DJ.
Sadie was the only visitor (plus 3yr old ankle biter)
Pumpkin Mary poppins Banger and Lone Ranger all celebrated birthdays although LR’s was belated.Liberty supplied cake for LR as Roll on forgot!
Roll on was awarded bitchy britches for blaming poor Moose for herself forgetting LR’s birthday cake!
Banger got Droopy boobs-no idea why as didn’t write it down! She also had new shoes and Coaster dobbed her in.
Charges were plentiful-Ball breaker charged Kebab with dressing in green for st pats day (4 days late)so Kebab called up Suction Anyname and Bill to join her as all dressed in green too.the circle then sang ‘when irish eyes are smiling’
Crafty charged Bumbo for saying good run thanks to Show off! Bumbo also claimed lost property (vibrator charger according to Cheapy but Bumbo says its for her phone).
Kebab charged Cheapy as it was her last run until she returns from her travels.
DIY did a great job standing in for Camel and Head Banger excelled filling in for Tickets as choir mistress as well as being Hash flash.
Wombat now holds the world record for number of grand children after welcoming Austin Shane into the world(well at least in Harriettes?)
Roll on and LR recieved vouchers for a great job of organising Rotto again.
Topless took us into our song and then everyone enjoyed Bills burgers
On on Call girl