Runsheet  14/3/2017

It was raining as we all gathered at Dynamo’s lovely home. A quick change of plans and we were all sheltering in her garage. Luckily the rain stopped before we set off.

Our GM Camel and HonSec CTD were both AWOL so DIY stepped in and sent us on our way. After a false start at the first intersection, we made our way through the streets of Duncraig. Blewhe did a great job keeping the stragglers  on trail and brought us home. Thanks Dynamo, a great run.

DIY called the circle with a promise that if we were quiet it would be a quick circle. Guide Dog responded with “Who wants to see a miracle”.

Thesoreass was visiting from “the outside”(Freo).

Squirrel, Cheapy, Half Cut and Miss Muffet  had returned from faraway places.

Crafty came up for a late birthday drink, and Super celebrated several hundred and 69 runs.

Call Girl dropped the Bitch Britches which went to Shorty who was having trouble with her mobile phone.

The Droopy Boobs were AWOL, but Tip’M was awarded them for riding her bike backwards and falling off.

We had a silent toast to Waddles.

Ball breaker charged Squirrel who caused a stir in her new hometown Narrogin, and made it into the local rag.  Sarge was charged for having a black eye (don’t ask!) and Wombat for saying she thought Sarge always looked like that !

Cheapy regaled us with a warning about predictive text, and how “a tear in the retina”  became a “hair in the rectum”.

Shorty lead us in our song, and we all enjoyed Dynamo’s ravioli, and a few drinks, of course.

Well done Dynamo and DIY.