GORGEOUS’ RUN – 03.01.17


A typical hot first AND BEST run of the year at Gorgeous’ house up in Iluka.  We were told we were welcome to bring our bathers (in our post Xmas/New Year bodies!) for a dip as the day hit 41 degrees!  Cooled down dramatically by 7pm for the run but a few of our harriettes happily dangled their hash feet after the run.


A well set run through the streets of Iluka keeping the pack together – lots of SCB’s still in the Xmas spirit and not up to setting world records but a good effort all round (not by me and a couple of my slack mates!)


Back to Iluka and the circle was called.


Camel welcomed us all back from our Xmas break.


Visitors:Wendy and Annie were welcomed with a down down but Call Girl hadn’t given Annie proper DD instructions and did a solo on her own to prove to us she knows how to do it.


Returnees:Crafty had been to Melbourne and was serenaded to “don’t leave us alone again!


Special Runs:Three 69’ers!  Congratulations to Squirrel (369), Dynamo (269) and Headbanger (69).  Well done girls!  Dynamo needs more practice (she’s married to a Hamersley man!) but for someone that doesn’t drink at all – she did extremely well!


Birthdays:None (which meant NO CAKE! – almost a riot!!!!)


Bitchy Britches:Xena dobbed Wombat in for making the comment that “No birthday cake…. Wouldn’t have happened on my watch!!” Down down for our bitchy Ex-GM!


Droopy Boobs:Oasis (our dearly loved Wine/Splash) left the wine at home! |A serious crime and seriously droopy! Thanks to Gorgeous and Backseat for saving a riot and donating their own (bloody decent!) supplies to get us through until the delivery came.  Amongst the roars of “Give her water!” for her down down, Oasis admitted her Alzheimer error and promised us it would NEVER happen again.


Charges:CTD by name and CTD by nature – for walking into the door!


Xena charged Gorgeous and Backseat for not assessing the risk.


There were some more but I can’t read my shorthand! (must give that shorthand up!)


General News:2000th Celebration girls were reminded by Tickets to get to run early for their dance practice as time is quickly running out!  Come on girls,


Joker:Cookie told a funny joke about the causes of arthritis – apparently the Pope has it!


Circle closed in song.


We then queued up for some delicious curry served by some pretty harriettes and some ugly waitresses (Kel and Andy) with plenty of leftovers, which was a good thing as I’m sure we would have all died of starvation due to their being NO CAKE!!!


Fun night continued on chatting and catching up on our xmas and new years news.


Fabulous run Gorgeous – well done – it certainly was the best run of the year

(as at 3/1/17!)