Tutti Frutti’s Cha Cha Cha Run

At 6.45, the pack gathered – but, before the run, the first practice for the 2000th was in order…..Cha Cha Cha, 1,2,3 forward…1,2,3, back, under the guidance of dance instructor Tickets.

Congratulations, girls. Well done . Now we get better, don’t we!

Then, at 7 o’clock, Shorty called time and Tutti Frutti set us off as a cool breeze and mild weather contributed to top evening and a top run, with the girls suitably impressed by the houses and the green parks we passed. With well-placed checks and false trails, the pack was kept together –well done Tutti Frutti and Wombat.

News from the circle:

Returnees: Head Banger, back from the Cape to Cape (job well done); Dynamo, back from overseas; Jammy, back from what was undoubtedly a hoot at the Melbourne Cup; and Cookie, back after her op. Welcome back all.

Special Runs: On Heat 300, a gold foot to set off the classy new hair style.

Birthdays: Cakes and slices galore to celebrate Oasis, Rice Bowl and Jammy.

Bitches’ britches: Gorgeous was happy to hand them on to Tip’M.

Then we rounded out the evening with chili con carne served with potatoes and salad and all the necessary accompaniments.

Congratulations all round Tutti Frutti.