Mustang’s Gallop in Girrawheen.

                            Tuesday 4th October


“ It’s a medium run”  she said……………What’s “ medium” I wondered?

 When Camel asked at the beginning of the circle  “ What did you think of the run?”  Someone replied “ brilliant” and someone else said “ long!”  So, I guess “ medium” is the best one can do. You can please some of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people ALL of the time! We had much better (read warmer!) weather, and so it was a very pleasant gallop up and down, and in and around, made even better by DJ and Killer Queen directing us across the park to a slightly shorter On Home!

CIRCLE: Thanks to our Hare Mustang, for her Medium, Brilliant, Long run.

VISITORS: Welcome to PBVa-J from Houston, and to Killer Queen.

A special drink for our newlywed Lone Ranger.

SPECIAL RUN:  Congratulations to Super for 450 runs, which she said had taken her forever, but as someone else observed “ not as long as BallBreaker!”

BIRTHDAYS: Muffet and DIY, with some yummy balls courtesy of Blew He.

69er: Call Girl, who had to have the contents changed “ because I don’t drink!”

BRITCHES: These went to Squota, impersonating Anyname, and for saying someone wasn’t her friend if they didn’t have a torch.

BOOBS: Dingbat for thinking out loud that the H on the road (Fire Hydrant,) meant Home.

CHARGES:DJ and Killer Queen for playing Pokemon on the run; Sarge and Wombat for conducting their own 2nd circle; Super for goodness knows what, Topless for not recognising Headbanger……….hope that was it!  Oops!  Blew He for a good and very prompt write up of the WHITE DRESS RUN.


Money for Dunsborough due by next week to Jewells.

Cookie will take donations for last week’s white dress run. 

Melbourne Cup sweeps will be running in the next few weeks.

Deposits for Rotto please. 

Crankers 100th, please come for the dancing.

Winos on 28th Oct at White Salt in Sorrento.

Proposed Sundowner at Mustang Bar one Friday in November.


Plentiful supplies of roast chicken, vegetables and bread and butter were eagerly consumed, and everyone set off for home well fed and watered.

Thanks Mustang!

See you all next week in Wembley!