HARE - Cookie.                                                                 
VISITORS - Elaine, Chelsea (Virgin).                                                                                 
RETURNEE - Mary Poppins.                                                                                           
SPECIAL RUNS - Mary Poppins 650, Shortie 950, Wenchy 850.                                                    
BIRTHDAY - Butless.                                                                                                
69er - Cleopatra 169, absolutely no problems with down down (went down so easily, a pro).       
BITCHY BRITCHES   Cleopatra is so lean that britches very baggy!    
DROOPY BOOBS - Sarg isn't here.                                                                                       CHARGES - Tickets did down down, Wombat didn't want it.  
        - Zena having issues finding hole in garment, not sure if her bloke has problems in that department.    
        - Deaconess sadly had her last down down, we wish her happiness with her new life in Canada. It was nice                to share drinks at Quinn pub, Tuart Hill for her goodbyes. 
ABOUT THE RUN - We don't go south of the river very often, but it was certainly worth the drive. As usual Cookie sets a decent run and we were pleased to get back for a well deserved drink! Cookie must have a direct line to God as the
threatening weather held off to just a brief misty shower.  As true to her name the food was dam good and plenty of it followed by cakes galore because of all the special runa. Lone Ranger's run Tuesday 13th, wedding bells in the air 
theme dress up mother of the bride.