Shorty’s Run                                      Run # 1975                  August 2, 2016

Let me set the scene…………….

Me, ring ring… “Hi! It’s Wombat here.  I forgot to ask last night but can you please do the write up for Shorty’s Run since the AGM Run write up will be done by a committee member?”

Answer, “No! I talked all through the circle and paid absolutely no attention. I’ve got no idea what happened last night.”

Well!!! That took the wind out of my sails…. I thought you all hung on every word of wisdom I spoke in the circle………BAHAHAHA!!!!! Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor, dry my tears of laughter and blow my runny nose.

Luckily I have thick skin and was committed to paying attention……. perhaps in a few more weeks, it may be me chatting away in circle oblivious to everyone and everything…….. Nah!!! I doubt it. I couldn’t do that to our wonderful Camel.  Anyway, let’s get on with the show……

Shorty sent us off on her well set, fabulous trail with her usual farewell, “F___k off that way.” The pack was held together tightly with lots of long false trails. One group of back walkers actually had to do quite a long false trail as it took so long for the front runners to get back……… Well done Shorty!!! Don’t forget, if you’re in need of help to set a trail there’s plenty of experienced girls who are only too happy to give you a hand.

We welcomed back our two Life Members and frontier trekkers Cookie (Kakoda Trail) and Sarge (Central Australia). Both had an “Awesome” time. We thanked Rations for co-haring Anyname’s run a few weeks ago; (another well set run from what I gather).

We had a few nominees for the Bitchy Britches but Squirrel passed them to the winner Tickets because she just can’t help herself. Tickets tried desperately to defend herself and have it reversed but it was a unanimous vote and rightly deserved. Kebab kept the Droopy Boobs for trying to charge the GM one week too soon. Jam Tart started lots of talk about ‘Things!!’ you can get in the post which lead the circle into bursts of one liners from all quarters. It became very loud and very funny. But never fear, our cheeky choir mistress, Jam Tart, brought everyone back to earth with her call, “Quiet girls and listen up. I was only telling you what I saw on TV the other night.” We’re going to miss your calls to order Jammy. Crafty and Jam Tart were given a drink for holding the fort for our other wandering splash Show Off and CTD.

We needed Hares for September and once again ‘Us Harriettes’ stepped up to the challenge and the dates were filled quickly – thank you to those who [put their hand up.

Shorty’s soup is legendary but she actually excelled herself. I enjoyed two steaming hot bowls full of her delicious soup and only the guilts stopped me from going back for the 3rd, so I ate a slice of Nightfill’s 500th Run sponge and a handful of Coaster’s 850th Run lollies. Congratulations to our milestone runners. You guessed it……I was one very happy GM…… sweets!!!!!

A reminder about getting your registration for our 2000th Celebration in asap…… but since I’ve been told, on numerous occasions, “No one reads the run write-ups anyway”, I assume all this is falling on blind eyes.

I consider it to be very important to recognise the effort each Hare puts in to provide an entertaining evening for the club’s members and so I was honoured to do this for Shorty.

Another night where I had a great run, some terrific fun and enjoyed your fantastic company.


Your fading Moonshine GM