Cactus’ Run (the Virgin Hare) – with help from her friend Oasis: Run #1972 : 26/7/2016

Lots of chatter and comments about the new surrounds as we wait for the GM (Wombat – but only for another three weeks – who’s counting?) to call us out the front or side as that’s where we are starting.

Off and running or walking with lots of arrows to mark the way.  A long drag on the wrong side of the freeway before winding through the bike paths in the middle of Greenwood back to home.  Nice run but it needed a few more false trails or checks to make it a hash run.  Remember girls if you have 18 false trails that’s NOT too many.  The idea is to keep the whole pack together.

Back home the nibbles disappeared like an ice-block in the sun with St Peter having to top them up to keep the seagulls happy.

Circle called….


  • Cactus and Oasis out for a drink along with visitors/helpers hubby (St Peter) and daughter (Nicole).  The dog missed out on a drink as he hadn’t helped much!

Special Runs:

  • Blew-He has done 169 runs – and doesn’t need the practice if how she handled it is anything to go by!!
  • Liberty has done 1550 runs and has a friend in Oasis to bake a cake!!  Apparently daughter Banger was unable to make it so mother-in-law stepped in.  Who says mother-in-laws are bitches?

Bitchy Britches:

  • Current bitch Anyname nominated Kebab and or Jewells for leaving property behind last week and not recognising the item (think I lost the bitch part of this).
  • Xena nominated Squirrel who, when the GM complained about her lack of notes for the night, commented that she just didn’t care anymore!

Squirrel got them and a drink!!

Droopy Boobs:

  • Suction has forgotten them.  Apparently they were a big hit with hubbie and are still in the bed making interesting dents!  She gets to keep them despite Sarge being an AWOL contender for thinking the GM is her personal secretary.

General Business:

  • Crankers 100 ride is on 1 April 2017 at Lake Leschenaultia – get you forms and deposit it.
  • Next week it is soup for dinner so bring a bowl and spoon.  Don’t say you weren’t warned!
  • Bumbo, Tip’m, Tickets and Half Cut had a little present for Cactus that no-one wants to hug.  Drinks all round.


  • Only one but it was a good-un.  Last week Home James drove to Jam Tart’s house to car pool to hash.  They obviously had a good time.  Going home again later in the evening Home James carefully directed Jam Tart to take her home.  They said their goodbyes with Home James walking through her garage to get inside.  Jam Tart drove home and wondered “Who the hell is parked on my verge?!?”  Needless to say she had to go and pick Home James up and take her back to her place so Home James could drive home.  Talk about a senior moment!  Drinks for them both!

That reminded LaFitz of a joke about a politician with a senior moment to finish the circle!

Dinner served and quiet reigns for a little while.

On On to next week