Stiffy’s Run :

Run #1970 :

This run was a happy affair on 28th June, 2016. There were a few confused drivers, slamming on the skids, then a stop at Concord’s house under the “Beer and Bullshit” sign.

Sorry I couldn’t find the hare’s name on the website and have forgotten her name!

Visitors were Small Goods, Screwy, Concord and Stephen (Stiffy’s other half).

Returnees were Rambling and Wenchy.  Occy is back from France, Goodyear and Tip’m were down-down visitors too.

We welcome Topless as a new member with a promise of a Harriette’s Welcome Pack.

Kebab was handed a Silver Running Man for her 600 runs but was also handed the Bitchy Britches for a comment to Xena and Zip It saying “Hey, you two are leading the pack – do you know what you’re doing?”

We sang Happy Birthday to Stocky…no Sticky…um …Stiffy celebrated her 60th birthday and Occy had her birthday while she was away.

Tutti Fruitti passed on the Droopy Boobs to Mary Poppins for not knowing who was in the car she drove.

Screwy and Concord were charged for leaving their hats on in circle.

We were reminded that there is a photo shoot at Mary Poppin’s house on 12th July and we were encouraged to wear pink.  Crankers have a 12:00 run at Screwy and Butless’ house this Sunday.

Cookie told a couple of jokes well – one was something to do with a bet about which country will crash first.  Brexit has the UK ahead but USA has the trump card.