Hare: Miss Muffet :

Run 1971 :

5 July 2016 :

The Run:

Little Miss Muffet teamed up with Dynamo for this run taking us for what proved to be a short run/walk for some (I’m sure I was in that lot and didn’t even shortcut) and not so short for those who lost the trail.  Even so, the run/walk around Duncraig warmed us up on a chilly evening and I’m sure the walkers were grateful that Muffet and Dynamo kept it in the 4km-5km range.  Actually the real challenge was negotiating the curvy but quite steep rustic brick path down from the driveway and around the house to the On On location – worth the descent as we were under a nice, cosy courtyard surrounded by lovely rockery gardens – almost like being up in the hills.

The Circle:

  • GM Wombat called the circle, no need to shout as we were all within arm’s reach.


  • Miss Muffet and Dynamo – great run!!


  • Pissy Royale and Freebie (with gorgeous Maisey in arms) took a down-down – Ollie was tucked away in a cosy corner indoors


  • Back Seat, Jam Tart, Crafty, Halfcut and Bumbo


  • Wenchy and Puddles – happy birthday girls – no dry July for you!

Bitchy Britches:

  • Kebab passed these on to Puddles for calling Occy an elephant (hardly) but they were later passed on to Sarge who just couldn’t resist throwing a few insults around during the circle – something about the committee taking too long to name Dingbat

Droopy Boobs:

  • Mary Poppins (moi) passed these on to Puddles for stating the obvious as a question – what do you call a ‘still’ that makes alcohol?  Any Harriette worth her weight would know that a ‘still’ is an apparatus used to distil liquid mixtures by heating to selectively boiling and then cooling to condense the vapour. Vodka and gin and other neutral grain spirits are distilled by this method, then diluted to concentrations appropriate for human (or Harriette) consumption.


  • Dingbat was finally christened after three months of having to be called Loretta. Started out as Dingbing because of her insistence on sending emails to our dear On Sec Camel under this pseudonym without owning up to who she was, but later in the Circle, a slip of the tongue from Sarge resulted in Dingbing being re-christened as Dingbat!


  • Lone Ranger for getting engaged – congratulations all ‘round but might have to be renamed as “lone” she obviously isn’t anymore.
  • Crafty for texting/playing games on her phone all through Circle.
  • Camel for holding back a possible naming for Dingbat
  • Stiffy for seeking out the only cat’s eye for miles to trip over
  • Sarge for heaping insults on committee for moving too slow on naming Dingbat

General Business:

  • NOT ENOUGH CALLING ON THE RUN: every time you see an arrow you should call ON ON so that those coming up behind know they’re on the right track – better to have too many calling than none – much safer too.
  • AGM Theme is Pairs:  use your imagination, find a friend for Tuesday 9th August.
  • See Deaconess for haberdash bargains galore before she abdicates in 3 weeks.
  • WINOS Lunch is on Saturday 16th July: RSVP to DJ or you might miss out:  it’s at the lovely Terrace Hotel in the city so good for those who like to use public transport and lots of options for those who want to party on afterwards.
  • 2000th Run Registrations now open:  Don’t leave this to the last minute as it makes it harder for committee to plan for catering and entertainment.
  • Darwin’s 2000th Run is coming upWenchy is going and looking for company


  • Delivered by Aunty Val ended the circle with lots of laughs


Well… Little Miss Muffet certainly got off her tuffet when she planned the meal for this run.

No spiders in sight but an amazingly delicious ancient grain salad in a fish bowl which she assures me has never had any fish in it,  pumpkin mole (pronounced molay), chimmi chirri, roast beef, pita bread and potatoes – among other bits and pieces.

Thank you Miss Muffet for a great night.

On on

Mary Poppins