Mary Poppins Run :

Run #1972 :


We all assembled all dolled up, pretty in pink, on a cold, frosty night a bit earlier than usual.

Firstly, we needed to get a group photo taken for our incoming GM Camel.  The group behaved very well making it painless and all over in 15 minutes……. brilliant work girls.

Then it was OnOn out the front to listen to the Hares, Mary Poppins and her reliable partner in crime, Bushranger.  It was a great run around the frosty streets of Yokine.  Well marked and the pack really kept together so there was only about three to five minutes between the first, die hard runners, and the last, experienced ‘dawdler’ Harriettes, like moi, to get back home.  There was a cry from one house, “Are you looking for Pokemons and are you Pokemon hunters?” “No!” we cried back, “We are a running club bringing up the rear.” Although one of our runners was on her mobile looking for Pokemons, wasn’t there Blew He???…..who was dutifully charged later during Circle.

Back at Mary Poppins’ house we went straight into Circle as our beloved Sarge needed to get home. (Can’t believe she has another life hahaha!!!)


  • Sarge celebrating her 69th so you guessed it. Out came the penis for her down down. Home James made her a delicious cheesecake. yummmmm!!!


  • Sarge was joined by Dynamo, Cookie, CTD, Show Off and Lone Ranger all heading off for a couple of weeks. Wow!!! That sadly depletes the Moonshine Committee


  • Welcome back to Squirrel who has been holidaying with her daughter.
  • Head Banger sang a funny little ditty.

Special Runs:

  • Well done Squirrel 350 runs

Bitchy Britches:

  • It’s started….. Camel ‘cause we can!!!

Droopy Boobs:

  • Sam was nominated for falling over her own feet but Wenchy earned them because she completely forgot to bring her running pants to the run. Wow Wenchy, lucky you’ve got great legs!!!

Fanny Nanny Granny:

  • Ball Breaker welcomes another beautiful grandson ‘Hutch’, congratulations!!


  • Show Off was charged for bossing her counterparts around but she had the last laugh as ‘one splash drinks all splash drink’.
  • Blew He and her Pokemon addiction
  • Commando charged herself for sweaty head/wrist bands
  • Ball Breaker charged Shorty for making her look bad on the hockey field. Poor Shorty then had to spit her drink out as it was full of bottle tops as well as splash….. ooops!!!!!

General Business:

  • See Deaconess for your Hash stuff.
  • Jam Tart took us out in song and Cookie sent us off in fits of laughter with another great joke.

Thank You to Shorty for reminding me to do the write up.

On On to my run at Kebab’s place 42 Dargin Place, Greenwood.

On On