Run #1953 8/4 Palace run


Wonderful run through the streets for the annual Palace run; hosted by the Harriettes. The wonderful Wombat and Show off were the hares for the night and what a great job they did. There was lots of commotion in the circle but I followed as best I could…..


The circle began with a few virgin Palace runners: Alana, Amber, Jackie and Loretta.

Rocky City celebrated their 24th birthday

There were a few charges and it was hard to keep up.

Assassin charged Tickets for her choice of song being the stand in choir mistress.

Buttless charges Assassin for calling Harriettes squawking birds. How dare you speak of your wife like that Assassin!

Concorn was charged for blowing to horn in the work mans toilet

And Willy Willy was charged for being a pain in the butt. I think that charge applies to all men?

The Harriettes served up a delicious dinner of hamburgers which was very well received by other clubs.


Well done to the Harriettes committee and On on to the next run! LR