Run 1962  3/5/16

Our lovely hare and co hares for the evening were Occy, Rations and Squirt with I am sure a lot of help from the gorgeous Bandit.

It was a touch chilly but luckily the rain held off as we wandered around the scenic streets of Maylands.  As we meandered through the park we had a much appreciated drink stop at Barden Park all while enjoying the city views.

There were lots of visitors who enjoyed Occy’s hospitality, Concord, Squirt, Sandstorm, Mavis, Dash, Screwy and Neesha. We also had our returnees of Head Banger, Dynamo, Tip M, Aunty Val and Rations, welcome back ladies.

Sadly there were no birthday celebrations to be had but there were many special runs.

Xena  I am sure enjoyed her 369er

Leopard 700 runs

Sam has clocked up an amazing 1050 runs

Ball Breaker has done 450

and last but not least

Rambling has done a staggering 1200 runs.

The lovely Occy got to keep the Bitchy britches for yet another week as there were no contenders (apparently).

Droopy boobs passed from Guide Dog to Roll On for wearing a thermal shirt under her Hash top two weeks in a row and then suffering from heat exhaustion 10m down the road.  Isn’t it lovely when a daughter dobs in her own mother? Lone Ranger you may have to make sure you give Roll On an extra hug on Mothers Day.

Halfcut was charged for sitting in Jewells chair during the circle.  Everyone going to Bali was called up for a down down.

This doesn’t happen very often but our illustrious GM Wombat got charged for renaming our very own Any Name to “Anj Wame”.  There was some pitiful

excuse about Kebabs handwriting not be very clear. Mmmmm not too sure that excuse would stand up to a lot of scrutinising.

Thanks Occy for a warming dinner of curry and rice and for once again welcoming us into your home for a wonderful night.

On On