Run: 1958            Date: 5 April 2016           

It was our third south of the river run and our first cool night. Off we went into the dark breezy night. The pack was kept well together as we all lost the trail together, as per normal all the walkers were talking and were just following the ones ahead!

PUDDLES put on a great pre dinner spread of warm garlic bread and dips with vegetables. We even had our first outdoor fire for us to get toasty.

Then the circle started!

Down downs for Hare PUDDLES and co hare DEB, DEB needs a bit of practice as her down down was very slow?!

Visitors: AIR BAGS, SCREWY and DEB, DEB this time had a large glass of wine for the down down?!

Returnees: COW PAT, BUTTLESS and AIR BAGS (not sure if she was a visitor or returnee? She wasn’t driving so she could have another down down!)

Birthdays: SHOW OFF’s 60th  – Big Party Saturday night on the farm!

Bitchy Britches:  The britches are still MIA so down downs went to SARGE for ’saying why was SHOW OFF born fugly’, RAMBLING called GUIDE DOG STRAY DOG , LA FITZ  saying ’if we all sit down for the circle it would take us too long to get up for the food’.

Droopy Boobs: GUIDE DOG charged LEOPARD for calling her DROOPY DOG; both deserved a drink as LEOPARD left her light on in her car.

General Business:

 DJ – A reminder about the sundowner Friday 15 April

SUPER – $20 for Bali dinner and the tank tops/t shirts JEWELLS is organising. Not to be confused with the tops MR WONG is organising for combined WA Hash Clubs!

TUTI FRUITI – About Mossies and Dengue Fever and some green bottle of Johnson and Johnson lubricant for Bali?!

DEACONESS – Doing a clear out and giving away Dockers and Eagles scarfs plus a few Hash bags

DOUBLE D – Doing a fundraising Abseil for PMH, selling raffles tickets 3 for $5 and 1 for $2

COOKIE – told another hilarious joke, even she couldn’t stop laughing to tell us about it, but it was a funny one, when she finally got it all out!

Then a very yummy and huge spread from PUDDLES. Chilli con carne, rice, potatoes, salsa and salad.

Then our usual gas bagging and then we got all our maps out to head home!

See you all next week, North of the River!!!