On the way to Hash tonight had some detours to ancient Egypt with the lovely Cleopatra and the lovely Sphinx. We got lost looking for the Pyramids and DJs place lucky we had a great driver and navigator that got us to our destination in the end.
We arrived at our beautiful DJs Two-Two Run with an interesting vibe, we could sense some mere males present.
Our very beautiful GM, Wombat ran a great circle.
We were very lucky to have some special visitors:-
Firstly Shaneena and Liana (Dash’s lovely daughters visiting from the USA)
Secondly the lovely Katie from number 2 down the road.
And last but not least the Number Two’s Mac, Concorde, Blowfly, Dash and the host with the most Curcumsize.
Our gorgeous OTT reached a special milestone 50 runs (and it’s only taken 5 years to reach this milestone)
The Birthday Girls this run were the beautiful Headbanger 18/12 and the beautiful Zippy 20/12.
Bitchy Britches were awarded to Cleopatra. For helping Sarge with her skincare regime.
Mac for being his usual charming self and for laughing at Cleo’s virginal white tutu.
Concorde for not wanting to get out of his car in his tutu at the servo to get petrol.
Double Digits  were OTT, GG, DD and TT not your bust size Tickets, Wenchy and TipM.
UnderDressed were Cleo, Super, Squota, Tickets, Kebab, Sarge and DJ.
Special mention to our Travellers DIY, Blew He, Wenchy, Coaster and absentee Rambling Rose.
Happy and safe travelling.
Thanks DJ for a great run. Everyone looked amazing in their tutus. The food was delicious.
On On Suction 🙂