Christmas run

A beautiful summer night prepared by the amazing commitee for the beautiful Harriettes. Our night began with a walk/run around the field singing carols lead by Lone Ranger and Kebab.

Short circle tonight with only a few charges. Old Slapper decided to flash us her knockers as there were no contenders for droopy boobs. She decided to show us her pair… Lets just say thats not a sight one will forget easily!!!!


The festivities began with a christmas dinner prepared by the Moonshine committee. Turkey, Pork, Beef, potato, cranberry sauce! All a Harriettes would desire on a christmas evening.

The festivities continued with a pass the parcel style gift swap. it sounded good in theory but we still ended up with some Harriettes without a gift…

The night continued with some music by Triple J. Brilliant mix of the Harriettes favourites we danced the night away so much so that a neighbour decided to make a noise complaint. Because how dare anyone be out having fun on a TUESDAY night. A school night!


Have a brilliant christmas ladies. Onon into the New Year.

xx Lone Ranger xx