Run 1938 17/11/ 2015

For once Huey wasn’t co-operating and sent a short sharp shower down at the last minute to wash away the trail – although I did see a couple of faint arrows to prove that the trail had actually been set! It was only a temporary relapse on Huey’s part as come 7 o’clock all was dry and clear as the GM called us out the front.

Stirling efforts by Cookie, the GM Wombat and a few others in live haring meant that everyone got as much exercise as they wanted. Well done girls!!

Lots of watermelon for refreshment after the run – along with the contents of the esky meant happy hashers.


Circle called and all should be upstanding.

HareOn Heat called out for a drink.  Her co-hare Mustang was AWOL but Cookie, Wombat and Shorty also had a drink for their efforts in live haring.

Visitor – Diana must have enjoyed herself last week because she was back again.

ReturneesMatchbox, Firefly, Puddles, Buttless, Headbanger and Sarge were all called out for a drink having been AWOL for a variety of reasons.

Headbanger was kept up front to announce that her reason for being AWOL was a romantic cruise with Gaylord where she become engaged (and yes to Gaylord!!). Ball Breaker, Tip’m and Xena had some smutty comments that can’t be repeated for fear of an R rating.

New NannySuction’s daughter had a boy Axel last night – congratulations.

Special Runs

Commando 200 runs – congratulations and DIY provided the cake, down down out of the new mug

Aunty Val 1450 runs – a chorus of “get a life, get a life, get a life” accompanied her to the front.  Congratulations and Liberty provided the cake.

Crafty a 69er – she proceeded to show Kebab how it is done – all in the wrist action!

BirthdaysCommando out the front again – happy birthday and another cake (from Half Cut) not just a recycled one.

Bitchy BritchesSuction wasn’t wearing them and no nominations so carry over.

Droopy BoobsSarge had a couple of nominations. Tip’m claimed that Sarge mistook Diana for her (because they are so similar – NOT) and thought she had gone grey in a week.  Deaconess owed Sarge money from a trip away and Sarge had forgotten about it and didn’t want it back.  Needless to say Sarge has the Droopy Boobs.

General Business

Kalgoorlie Boulder special run this weekend – see the flyer

WINOS this weekend – see the flyer

Salvo’s run next week – see the flyer, 7pm start, bring your donations

Thrifty reminded us to sign the run sheet although she will be kind and considerate (a one off – believe me) and do it for you next week.  So make sure you are noticed.

Deaconess – haberdash available – singlets in all sizes but apparently none big enough for Ball Breaker.


Tickets was charged for great singing (by the GM) and for being nosy (by Tip’m).  Seems to be the same thing to me)

Ball Breaker was charged because the difference between 15 and 17 was about $23 mill for her last Thursday (lotto powerball Div 1 (6 numbers and the powerball) worth over $23 mill, Div 3 (5 numbers and the powerball) worth $6,000)  BUGGER!!!

Coaster also had a (smaller) win

Cookie had left a mug

Leopard had left a chair

JokeCookie told an oldie but a goodie about a blind man, 6 blondes and having to explain things 6 times.

Song to finish the circle before chicken and salad for tea – and don’t forget the cakes!!


On On to the Salvos’ Run.