Run #1935 27/10/15

A reasonable sized group gathered in windy Quinns Rock to enjoy Sphinx’s Halloween run. The patio was eerily decorated and we were greeted with some pretty spooky music. The scene was set for an enjoyable evening with witches, devils and an assortment of other equally scary characters, and some were not even in disguise. The run was set for walkers and runners, the runners had a fair stretch in between checks and falsies, good for those of us wishing to burn a few cals, really good run which could only have been improved with a few more falsies to keep the pack together, but a great effort by Sphinx as this was only the second run she had set, excellent work.  Nice to see the beach and the massive changes in this once sleepy area of Perth.

The circle was quickly called and everyone was permitted to sit …………nice.

  • Suction, co-hare and Sphinx Hare were invited up to have a drink for their great effort.
  • Returnees: Backseat, Moose, Dynamo and On Heat, most had been travelling and had stories to share with their hash pals.
  • Special Run 100 to DIY, what a trooper, she has thoroughly embraced the Hash Lifestyle, already attending many inter hashes and overseas trips.
  • Birthday girls, none looking a day older, were Jam Tart, Tickets (as if she needs a compliment) and Sphinx, cakes and lollies abound, no wonder we need to run, but well received and appreciated by all, don’t stop, and many thanks to the great bakers and provider of delish rocky road and lollies.
  • Bitchy Britches – Went to Backseat (first night back, does she never learn). Two nominees by BB, Crafty for recognising BB in her particularly ugly mask, poor BB thought she would fool us all, but alas Backseat greeted her with Hi BB that’s an improvement. Ah who needs pals when you have hash, ha ha.
  • Droopy boobs – Went to Tickets, Tickets was confused with how to work a wind up Halloween toy on Sphinx’s workbench, she was seen to be holding it upside down checking out it’s bum, when there was clearly a wind up sticking out the side.  In Tickets defence, and a very good one I might add, she stated she thought you always went to the bum to turn something on, this appealed to many harriettes smutty minds.  However even her tongue in cheek defence could not save her as she was also seen trying to eat the Halloween chocolates, complaining they were tasteless, when she was infact eating them with the paper still on. Droopies went to a good home this week.
  • Charges: Herk Bear finally found a new home, curtesy of Bluey, who apparently had a very good time at Dunsborough, unfortunately she can’t remember it.  Sarge and Jules were called up as a thank you for driving the bus and the great organisational skills on Jules on the Dunsborough weekend, well done girls, all the stories regaled the good time had by all. Coaster was charged for leaving Salvo’s stuff at Zip its and BB for leaving jackets at Zip it’s, come on girls lift your game or we will be getting you a place in the nursing home soon.
  • General Business: Kebab called for volunteers to support the Busso club with the Ironman run being held down there, club requesting support from all who enjoyed the Busso weekend (interhash) to help them repay the local council by volunteering. Rocky City have put there hand up but many more needed, see Kebab if you wish to be involved with this. Liberty asked for clarification on the “Country Woman Association race day theme” for next week as she believes there is no difference in City or Country when it comes to race day. Note from Host, this is however you wish to interpret it, poshed up, bogan or dry as a bone and boots, looking forward to seeing the combos. Crankers this Sunday being hosted by Cookie, this will be a reasonably flat run so she is looking forward to seeing some new participants.  Sounds like fun. Info on Kalgoorlie/Boulder run given, sorry cant remember what that was, looks like I will be joining BB and Coaster in the nursing home. Salvo’s run Tomato lake, remember your food donations. Circle ended with a great joke from Cookie, very risky – aaaaargh – cant remember the punch line. A delicious dinner was served by Sphinx and Suction to round off another great Tuesday evening.  Well done girls.