Run #1933    13/10/15


‘Out the front’ was called, so out we went and gathered and listened while Wombat called for visitors, just the one, Sir Fumbles. We were then passed over to Rice Bowl for the run instructions, all on chalk except one bit which she couldn’t mark with flour as the council was mowing the lawn on the park, so we were told to just go straight across with the playground on the left.

So it was On On. Off we went, all going well we got across the park but some didn’t see the playground on the left not to worry, we kept on trail and on home.


CIRCLE was called and our hare Rice Bowl got a down down for setting a good run.

  • Visitors: Sir Fumbles
  • Returnees: Xena, Cheapy, Even Stevens, Deaconess, Half Cut, CTD, Sam and Pumpkin.
  • Special Runs: A very special run for Cookie who celebrated 1200 runs.
  • Birthdays: Yes we had cake, yum! and also rocky road, yum yum! Celebrating our lovely GM Wombat’s birthday which she chose to celebrate with us (as you would). Deaconess and Miss Muffet were also called out for not being with us for their birthdays.
  • Bitchy Britches: Bumbo tried very hard to pass the bitchy britches on but had no luck so will be wearing them next week (there were some other nominees after the bitchy song was sung, but as Choir Mistress Jammy said if the song is sung it is over and that was that!!).
  • Droopy Boobs: Leopard also tried very hard to pass the droopy boobs on but also had no luck so will be bringing them next week. Squirrel was given a down down for telling Leopard to keep them as they couldn’t go to a better Harriette.
  • Charges: Xena was called out having insinuated Wombat may be dyslexic as she was sweet 16 (not the other).   Shorty and Wenchy were called out for sitting in circle.

 General Business:

There will be a box brought each week to put in items for the Salvos collection.

Skorts – DJ has samples for size trying for future ordering.

Dunsborough – all ready to go – Jewells will have a flyer next week.

Numbats – sundowner Friday 13th November at Vic Park pub.

Butless passed on that $3200 was raised from the Close to the Heart run.

Crankers ride – 1st November Cookie and Sir Fumbles hareing.

Guide Dog – a fundraiser comedy night is being organised at the Navy Club for a young lady she knows who has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. Guide Dog will send the information.  If you can’t attend you can purchase a non-attendance ticket as a donation.

Circle was finished with jokes from Cheapy, Miss Muppet and Cookie.

Great run, feed and fun. Thanks Rice Bowl.

On On to East Victoria Park next week.