Run # 1931                                         CLOSE TO YOUR HEART                                  29 September 2015

FREO H4 proudly hosted the 7th Close to Your Heart Hash run to raise funds for the HEART FOUNDATION. The flyer said to be dressed in red, at 21 Swanbourne St Fremantle for a 6:30pm start. For $15 we were going to be treated to a run, drink stop, the circle, nibbles and dinner.

And treated we were.

Hares BUTTLESS and Screwy once again did themselves proud by sending us on a wonderful tour through the famous port city of WA. There were trails for runners and walkers from the heights of Swanbourne St down to the shores of the ocean, across the entertainment centre of town to a drink stop at the detention centre of town. We all know ‘What goes down, must come up’, or something like that, because from the gaol house was a vertical climb back up the hill to the fun house and all the action.

There were big bonfires giving off a lovely warmth for the 150 odd, (but not too odd), Hashers gathered for this event. Amid the smoke (‘cause we know ‘There’s no smoke there’s a great story’ ) was a sea of red and everywhere you looked in the yard, there were groups of Hashers enjoying catch up chatter, bursts of laughter and a well earned drink along with heaps of nibbles to get us through until tea. The circle was called where splash was downed, raffles drawn, competition for best dressed run and won. Our very own JUST YVII was out there looking gorgeous in her red fairy skirt, flowers in her hair and sprinkling fairy dust and love hearts everywhere. OCCY’S dog, wearing Patch’s red tutu, deserved to win the title of best dressed male. Freo’s RA or was it King Neptune?, Screwy and his sneak, the gorgeous OCCY set about twisting stories and telling tall tales of poor unsuspecting Hashers in the circle. But we all know you never let a good story get in the way of the truth. The drawing of the raffles was fast and furious. Should you be a little hard of hearing, a little slow to react or just plain inattentive…. Bad luck baby!! The raucous call for ‘Redraw’ went up and the hand went back into the bucket for the next ticket. Even so, all the winners were as pleased as punch with their spoils.

Cman and Co then managed to serve all of us with a delicious fillet of freshly cooked fish and a smorgasbord of scrumptious salads. The eating, laughter and storytelling continued until there were murmurs of ‘Holy hell! Is that the time? I’ve got an early start for work in the morning.’ The clean up and pack away was done. Last drinks and ‘Get on the bus or be left behind’ were called. 21 Swanbourne St, Fremantle emptied and the sound of silence was heard.

The counting of the money was to be done the next day and rumour has it a bit over $3000 was raised for the very worthy cause, The Heart Foundation.

Congratulations FREO H4 on a truly fabulous night and On On to next year’s Close To Your Heart Run being just as proudly presented by the Numbats SOPH3.

Thanks for coming folks. OnOn WOMBAT