Run #1932              Banger’s Run     6 October 2015


What a welcoming sight as we arrived at Banger’s lovely home with pretty coloured lanterns hanging from the tree by the driveway.

The run kept the runners running and the walkers in touch with the pack (aided by Meg) as we toured the many parks and lanes of leafy Greenwood while the turn-backs made it safely home before us. Guide Dog was caught visiting a friend en route and was nearly eaten by a not -so-friendly dog.

The circle began with splash not a bang as our Hash Splashes sent the first drink to the floor-how did they get away without a charge for that?

Hare Banger was ably assisted by co-hares Oasis and Cactus setting the run-a virgin experience for Cactus though no lack of experience for those three in downing a drink. Or two!

  • Returnees: Commando and GG
  • Special Run:Thrifty has clocked up 350– hurry on to 400 so we can look forward to more of Coaster’s Rocky Road or Carrot Cake. HINT !!
  • Birthdays: DIY made a delicious chocolate BYO to celebrate with us, and we remembered Deaconess in her absence and look forward to her return.
  • Bitchy Britches could have been passed to a few but our sweet Bumbo has them after a spurious charge. Luckily for Show Off, after that she would have been a very worthy recipient for her nasty remarks about bossy britches and hoping Guide Dog would choke on her drink.
  • Droopy Boobs: Leopard had to put them on- they must feel at home-apparently she was seen running the opposite way to the pack having run past a FT, and she said Guide Dog was a dog after all when Guide Dog was charged for her wandering ways, GG thought she was lost, and she wasn’t wearing a hash shirt.

Butless has observed Sphinx running extra well so she can keep up with Octopussy and the West Coast boys!

Our GM Wombat just made it in time as her choir mistress, Jam Tart, realised they’d gone too far when they saw the lights of Geraldton. Jammie escaped a charge as Wombat didn’t fancy walking home or for leading her driver to drink.

DJ proudly showed us her new 60th birthday ring.

Jewells will take orders for Dunsborough shirts even those not lucky enough to be going.

Finally the Salvo’s Run is 24 November. Donations of non-perishables can be made now but

NO CHRISTMAS CAKES as they contain alcohol. I bet my teetotal grandmother didn’t put it in!

ONON! Aunty Val