Run #1929 15/9/15

Huge thanks to the Hare Ball Breaker and her lovely helper Coops (co hare). Lovely run.

There were no visitors that we saw but they may still be wandering around Marmion (it’s a pretty nice area to wander in).

Returnees: Matchbox and FireFly, Anyname, Teflon Tart and Leopard.

Special Runs: were for Sphinx (100) and DJ (a massive 700!!)

Birthdays: Happy birthday to Anyname, Seagull, Matchbox and Firefly also had a belated birthday drink.

No 69ers

No Bitchy Breeches so GossipGirl will have to keep for another week.

Droopy Boobs went to ShowOff, she accepted with pride as she tried to relight the sparkler that went out on one of the beautiful birthday cakes.

Charges: Puddles for talking to someone called Precious on the phone. Wondering is that THE Precious that we know and love or just a term of endearment.

  • Evie, for not knowing who (or maybe what) the GM was.
  • Shinx for calling On On at the beginning of tunnel……………Occy was at end of tunnel and knew it to be false but couldn’t be heard due to Shinx calling ONON………………too echoy. (That’ll teach you for being at the front……………haha)
  • Blewhe dobbed in Wenchy for being pissed at her run last week. Not a Herk Bear though.

Other business: All the girls going to the India hash had a drink.

AND THEN………………Cookie told a joke.


The Run

Great run around the lovely suberb of Marmion. Lots of false trails, which worked really well to keep the pack together. Quite Hilly at times, a bit of rough land. Basically a bit of everything including a tunnel, although didn’t see that myself (being at the BACK). Shinx and Occy had already fought about it long before!

Lovely meal after, lasagne. Thanks BB.

On On to my place next week.