Run #1927


We were all warmly greeted by Gorgeous and co-hare Backseat and were soon on our way around the picturesque suburb of Iluka. For once I was glad not to be running as it gave me a chance to check out the beautiful houses as we wandered around.

Back home we had our tummies warmed by another tasty batch of mulled wine put on by our new Moonshine committee to wash down the delicious nibblies.

Oops better reposition and get ready to write as Wombat is calling for quiet before the circle.

  • First of all a drink for Gorgeous and Backseat our wonderful hares.
  • We then welcome Tara who is visiting us in true Harriettes style.
  • Jam Tart is welcomed back – pity there was no Guinness on hand for her down down!  And wow is that OTT back in the circle?! Great to see you both back with us.
  • No new members this week but a special run for Zippit.
  • Her cake displaying the numbers 301. The cake survived the extra week well. Congratulations Zippit.
  • Lucky we had Zippy’s cake as no birthdays this week.
  • Bitchy Britches were awarded to Cleopatra for her shirt.
  • Droopy Boobs – a tie between Suction and Tutti Fruitti.
  • Charges – A drink for Rambling by running the C2P via Salvado Road??
  • Squotta, Tutti Fruitti and DJ were charged for following the wrong car and overshooting the run site.
  • Sarge for calling Gorgeous a bike.
  • Our On Sec, Camel, was then charged by Rambling for failing to instruct Tara in how to do a down down.
  • Zena is charged by Liberty for being in the sac??. Couldn’t quite hear the rest.
  • Cookie entertained us with a joke.

General Business

Spring in the Valley – Padbury Café at Guildford 11am 20 September.  See flyer.

Lunch on 25 September with Hamersley at Korner Café, 546 Hay Street Perth (near Pier Street).

Flyer is out for Freo ‘s Close to Heart Run.

Hope the Crankers had a great ride at Joondalup – runners are always welcome as well.

Thanks Gorgeous – great night had by all.

Jammy then leads us in the song to end the circle and we have a delicious curry and rice.