Run #1926


Well what can I say, the best run ever!  Perfect weather, plenty of chalk, good stretches for runners and plenty of short cuts for walkers. Oh it’s hard to be humble when you’re writing your own write up.

Having been in my sick bed up until the day before my run, I don’t know what I would have done without my trusty co-hare, my husband Chris. He did all the hard work and plenty of the not so hard.

After everyone got back and had time for a chat, hot mushroom dip and veges and a few drinks of the mulled wine, it was time for the circle.

Welcome to visitors Yvii and Cindy and down down for returnees Pumpkin, Night Fill and Sam.

Congratulations Zip It on your 300 runs and Wombat for 450.

Happy birthday to Home James and Sam. Lots of yummy cakes.

No Droopy Boobs or Bitchy britches, although a slightly bitchy comment made by Rambling to Wenchy.

Occi charged for spending 10 minutes looking for her stubby holder when it was on her drink all the time.

Down down for Cleopatra for losing her jacket. Also invite from Hamersley to join them for lunch on Friday 25 September.

Down down for Thrifty for being “Hitler like” about ticking your name off. I just thought she was being organised.

Cookie finished off with a great joke, but was beaten by Aunty Val’s mouse tattoo story LOL.

To finish off, we tucked into chicken and salad which Oasis thought hadn’t been tossed enough, so very spectacularly fell down the step, tossed the salad, didn’t get it back in bowl though, but fortunately didn’t break anything, including the bowl.

Thanks to my mates for their help on night.

On on to Gorgeous’s run next week.