Run# 1925

Date: 18/8/15


Thanks to the Hare/ Co Hare Bumbo & Half Cut


Welcome to out visitors Plugger, Hog Shit, & Betty


Special Runs:

  • Home James 950 runs made her own cake yes Sarge we know thats not your speciality lemon cake!
  • Gorgeous 500 runs did not make her own cake (Backseat made a dash to the Cheese Cake Shop)
  • I received a Gorgeous Jacket made by Cookie (thank you Cookie)


Happy birthday to Tip’m, On Heat, Plugger, Gorgeous & very special Birthday for Half Cut


69ers: Sarge 1469, Mustang 269, Seagull 1169


Bitchy Britches and Droopy boobs went to GG because we can and she deserves them



  • GG again, then one ex GM drinks, all ex GM’s drink
  • The New Committee got a down down and a special mention for the three
  • Splashes (P) Platers – “Probationary _ Perfectionists – Pathetic or Professional” only time will tell.
  • Backseat charged Gorgeous for some trumped up charge I can’t remember heee, if you missed the run tough it can’t be repeated.
  • There was a list of others, Cookie, DJ, Guide Dog, Roll On, Tutti Fruiti, Sarge, if I missed any sorrryyyy.

All ready for the run start, with an early drink stop, but we didn’t mind thanks to Plugger, Hog Shit, icy cold bubbles & away we went, it as a great run with some hills along the way, a good length because I finished it without the need for any short cutting, then back to Bumbo’s doe warm soup & a selection of breads and way too many cakes, perhaps some of us could be like the Queen and spread our birthday cakes around seeing as we moan when there’s ‘No Cake”


On On