Run 1923


Aunty Val (Hare) and Wombat (Co Hare) certainly kept up the standards of the Perth Harriettes as we have all come to expect from our vintage Harriette’s. Doubleview is also very upmarket suburb with rustic gardens and city views which were very pleasing to the eye.

Initially a bit of confusion when exiting the homestead at the start of the run as the Harriette’s were a bit bewildered and did not seem to know how to get out but somehow we all met on the road down the track. The weather was kind too and this is a big plus in winter.

Special Runs

  • Squota 150
  • DMD 169 (which wasn’t really recognised as none of her friends went to the trouble of making a cake for her!!!)


  • On Heat making sure she doesn’t miss out on her birthday celebrations by starting having pre birthday drinks.

Bithcy Britches

There were a number of contenders:

  • DMD and Squota for not setting a good example to the children by smoking! You aren’t even allowed to fag in jail!
  • Spinx was trying to be kind when she enquired about the health of Cow Pat’s father to which she replied he is dead!
  • Half Cut not the diplomat when she remarked that GG could smear lipstick all over her face.

Due to the disrespect shown to the GM, Half Cut was the recipient to the Bitchy’s

New Shoes

  • Lone Ranger thought she could sneak in with new shoes but alas was discovered
    and had to pay the ultimate penalty.

New Member

  • DIY’s sweet innocent daughter has joined Hash and named Blue Moon by Double D at Bridges Hash under a blue moon. The Hamersley boys could hardly believe their eyes at this new debutant and can look only….”in your Dreams”

GG’s reign is over now and she ended on a high. GG thank you for being irreverent and attempting to control us.

Bumbo will sign off now as she is drowning in pumpkin soup which she is making for the masses at her run on the 18th August.