RUN NO. 1922

28 July 2015

What a spread Cookie set out for us! Multiple dips, followed by a dinner of Chicken Laksa (two styles) with noodles and rice and salad and garlic bread and there was also an option for the veggo’s too. How can the rest of us compete with this standard in future?

However, getting back to the beginning, we gathered at Cookie’s home (South of the River – hooray!) and admired the healthy trees and the vegetable patch with its sheep poo manure. Show Off reckoned if you get the right sort of sheep poo, you don’t get weeds. I found that very hard to believe.

As we all know, it’s been raining non-stop for days and Cookie found a dry spot around 5pm to set the run. And it didn’t start raining again when we were out on the run. Isn’t it amazing that it NEVER rains on a Hash? Or hardly never….


The invalids didn’t go that far and we all came back together – Wenchy, Camel, Commando, Jam Tart, CTD, Home James, Deaconess and myself (Rice Bowl) (plus any others I missed). We were just getting settled into chat mode with Cookie when the runners came back. Now that’s what I call a good run – only 30 minutes. Well done, Cookie!

Thank goodness, Aunty Val, Liberty and Half Cut eventually arrived, having been caught up in a traffic accident on Tonkin Highway. Hope they are recovering.

With a roaring fire outside, we had a lovely evening.

GG called the Circle for Down Downs.


  • Cookie. Great run!


  • Popeye (from Hamersley Hash)


  • Butt-Less, Guide Dog and Show Off (Butt-Less and Guide Dog for being slack and Show Off returning safely after her trip to Europe.)

Special Runs

  • Wenchy – her 800th – she walked part of the run with her broken foot. She was presented with gingerbread girls from Blew-He – and her 800th t-shirt. Great achievement!!!

Bitchy Britches

  • Deaconess passed them onto Wombat (because we can!). Nominated by Sarge

Droopy Boobs

  • Leopard has them and wasn’t at the run, so couldn’t pass them on. However, Xena nominated Coaster and Show Off nominated Moose. Not sure who will get them.


  • Aunty Val, Liberty and Half Cut: Against all odds, made it to Hash
  • Crafty (by Shorty – something to do with lost property)
  • Wombat (again – ‘cos we can)

General Business

  • Don’t forget Fremantle’s 600th run
  • Friday Hash
  • Crankers on Sunday (that clashes with the Footie!)
  • Fees are going up if you pay quarterly but NOT if you pay yearly. DJ handed out a leaflet explaining all.
    (Message from the Editor: If your weren’t at the run DJ has individualized fee info for every member – contact her for your specific details.)
  • Deaconess has lots of surplus T-shirts for sale – only $10 each. Great pass-on gifts if you are Hashing overseas.
  • The AGM is coming up – start thinking of your favourite type of cocktail.

Don’t forget that next week’s run is at Aunty Val’s in DOUBLEVIEW. Thanks, Aunty Val, for stepping in at the last minute.