Run # : 1920


Hare:  Tutti Fruitti and Wombat

Most of us were welcomed into the street by Tutti Fruitti who managed to keep all neighbours happy this year with her excellent parking attendant manoeuvring.

On On through the streets of Dianella where the arrows were mostly under lights and well marked.  Only a little confusion at the park but it was soon On On.  A bit of bush, a few hills and everyone happy to be moving to keep warm in the chilly evening.

Back to Tutti’s and Circle was called.


  • Down down to Hare (Tutti) and Co-Hare (Wombat) for a well set run, the runners joking that they wanted to do it again – don’t know what that was about because the walkers were more than satisfied!!


  • Fantastic to welcome Steph and Caitlin and
  • A favourite face we haven’t seen in a while – Legs 11! (yes – her twins are 18!!!)

We hope to see much more of you three!


  • Confusion as to whether Biro was a returnee or not, but no, she’s a paid up member now – so back in your box!
  • We’ve missed Teflon Tart (who’s been jetting around Europe or up to no good on a Tuesday night apparently).  Down Down for her!

Special Runs:

  • Suction – 50 runs and FINALLY wore a hash shirt – only took her 50 times!

Double 69’er celebration:

  •  Leopard 669 Runs
  • CTD  669 Runs

(Congratulations girls – nice down down style with cheering from the crowd for the awesome effort !)

Bitchy Britches:

  • From Deaconess to Thrifty because she was an angel bringing Legs 11 back to us but almost threw her in front of a car on her first night back!
  •  Roll On was nominated for calling the GM a bogan.  Then suggested to change the Bitchy Britches to the Beaton Britches.

Droopy Boobs:

A few droopy nominations:

  • Kentucky for looking for arrows in trees and not recognising her returnee status.
  • Double D was charged for being a short ass by another short ass.

       and the Droopy Winner was…..

  • Wenchy – for playing with balls (of the 10 pin bowling variety) and managing to break her foot in a totally non contact sport but also deserves a medal for returning to the pub – and Bluey for bringing her back! Further charged for taking Ball Breaker’s job, or Rhonda’s for being a Breakfoot!


  • Who owned the t-shirt “Will sell husband for wine!!!”  Well lots of Harriettes wanted it… but it proudly belongs to Crafty!!!
  • DIY for not showing her daughter how to down down! Vital mothering info!
  • Ballbreaker – new nanna (showing off that her boy sure has a big cot!)
  • Camel – stopped to check phone (20 metres from house) – bad luck!
  • Teflon Tart– indulging in phone sex the whole night.
  • Kebab charged Halfcut for wasting alcohol by spilling her wine down Kebab’s back just so she could feel Kebab’s bum!

Special Time:

  • Our thoughts have been with Rations and her family through the last few weeks and we held a minute’s silence in honour of her beloved son, Shayne.  Sending lots of love her way. xxx

Lost Foot:

  • GM mentioned that the club Foot was still missing in action.  (Down down to Firefly, Camel and Wenchy who had foot problems and need a new foot like the Perth Harriettes do!)


  • Deaconess (through Ball Breaker’s buddy) has secured some awesome new sleeveless vests and jackets.  Hurry up and order girls – it’s a great cheap price.

Circle closed in song.

Nice warm vegetable soup was enjoyed, followed by scrumptious cake

On On