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The Run

  • Run location nice and central(ish) from Kebab’s domain. The weather was kind to us, with thanks to the RA. Run was well marked as it should be with three Hares, there were good falsies which kept the pack together, those that wanted to be kept together anyway! Didn’t need to stray very far from home and was “shortish” (“like the Hares” was the comment from the peanut gallery)…..everyone loves a short run. Chilly run, so pool was a no go, although Biro was sizing up what her two young lads would have done with that trampoline at the pool’s end…..brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. The yummy warm dips on our return were most welcome.


  • DIY’s daughter Steph
  • B.J. from Freo Hash

New Member

  • Steph, she’s filled out the form………… is she waiting for the “cooling off period”?

Blue Cress Run….extra money

  • B.J. from Freo Hash came to deliver a donation from sale of cornflowers he undertook after the Blue Dress Run, gratefully received was his $327.00.


  • Cactus, with a cake compliments of Oasis….yum!

Bitchy Britches

  • Firstly “Snowdrops” came into the conversation…..translation (for those of us that didn’t know) was stealing underwear from the clothesline. Gorgeous was the victim apparently.
  • Cheapy charged Nightfill with saying “YOUR underwear”
  • Deaconess charged with saying “Did steal them cos they need a parachute??!!”
    and the winner is………………Deaconess!!!

Droopy Boobs

  • Leopard got them for asking how was she going to dress as a cock for the AGM??!! Not very droopy, or unusual, but she got them anyway!!

New Shoes

  • Thriftybusted…and she actually drank out of them girls! That’s how it’s done.


  • Wombat on On Heat for thinking Matchbox and Firefly were with us.
  • Tip’m on Sarge for cutting remarks re her High Vis gear
  • Gorgeous on Tutti Fruitti (notes scrambled)?? but she took it for the team anyway.
  • Biro on Blew He calling and short-cutting.

Take it away Homey

On On