• Mary Poppins and Bushranger


  • Biro

New member:

  • Biro…..nice to have you back Biro

Special Runs:

  • Coaster 800 runs well done great effort. Beautiful rocky road and ice cream sandwiches made by Thrifty yummy


  • Wenchy beautiful chocolate cake made by Rambling yum yum!!

Sarge two beautiful lemon sponge cakes made by Homey …yummy!!

Bitchy Britches :

  • Deaconess forget to bring them to hash

Droopy Boobs:

  • On Heat for singing the birthday song instead of the Bimbo song


  • Suction no hash clothes
  • Sarge for having t/shirt with Cheapy written on the bottom under her jacket
  • Sphinx for calling on on at false trail
  • Bumbo for sitting down thru the circle
  • Half Cut for saying, “gee these people must be having a party there are so many cars” when we were home already!!

General Business:

  • Few spots left for Dunsborough, see Jewells to secure a spot
  • Cookie setting the run for 28th July as Even Stevens will be away
    (Note from the Webmistress: The website has been updated with these new details.)

Great run Mary Poppins thru the streets of Yokine taking the city views from Yokine Golf Course and also the Hills. Lovely vegetarian curry and rice

On on to 8 Tulip Place Dianella please carpool parking is limited.


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