Run 1918


We were off to a great start for the evening as the freeway traffic was amazingly clear so everyone arrived super early, except for Matchbox and Firefly, Kebab and Cheapy who must have timed it right and made it with a minute to spare.  No No even had time for a half hour power nap before coming in!!

It was a beautiful clear and calm night as Deaconess set us out on the run with instructions that arrows were on the left where possible.  It was a well marked trail with a meander/run through the lovely suburb of Attadale.  We were entertained with some fabulous looking houses and great river views.

All made it back in reasonable time to make sure they got some of Assassins great barbequed chorizos ,always a hit at Deaconess’ run.  And, bless his socks; he bailed on a Hamersley committee meeting to cook them for us.

Circle was called and hares Deaconess and Assassin were called out by GM GG for a down down.  Next we had visitors, Penny who came with Cowpat, Dash and Screwy who arrived with their better halves.


  • Puddles back from gallivanting over in Queensland
  • Jewells returned from her Bali trip
  • Buttless and OTT missing in action for a while were all called out for a welcome back drink

Special Run:

  • Matchbox with “100 runs” under her belt.  And the cake was amazingly creative thanks to Firefly.  Well done.  Heads up girlfriends I do not do ‘creative’!!


  • Puddles birthday was next day but cake will be next week.  We thought we would give her a few days to come off her holiday high before fully celebrating her birthday

Bitchy Britches:

  • Assassin was nominated for Bitchy Britches for commenting to Half Cut on glamorous she looked in   her beanie and winter woollies “NOT”.  But being a man, Deaconess had to take the fall for him.

Droopy Boobs:

  • Unanimously awarded to Firefly.  I think she believes this was done out of sheer jealousy.  She has been boasting that her new, very expensive, 12 year warranty, experience base “Dream Bed” that does everything for her ???, was due to arrive soon .  Seriously sounded like Josh might become obsolete.  I think it will deserve a welcoming party !! so we can all check it out.


  • I got confused notes as to whether these were BB charges or just normal charges.
  • Super was up because she was making us miss out on her birthday, once again, and pissing off to warmer weather in Broome.
  • Lone Ranger for something about a knock back !!, don’t think that would happen, so think I lost the plot with that one
  • Puddles for her hard life of travels
  • Sqota for telling flash to get back further when taking Puddles photo so it would look better.

General Business:

  • Dunsborough list is open (same weekend as Bully’s 2000th ) so put your name down with Jewells
  • Someone $20 raffle tickets for Breast Cancer.  First prize is a Thermo Mix….ask around who it was ….I could smell dinner by this stage – and it smelled yummo!!!

Circle closed and grub was up.  Honing her skills from Taste Buds cooking class Deaconess did a great Beef Bourguignon.  Again a great hash night.

On On