Run 1917


Heading north to Firefly and Matchbox’s run I was once again reminded that Perth is not a village and it does take planning to arrive on time. I know I was at the right place because there at the gate was Shorty directing us all into the car park.

Soon it was 7pm and the call to OnOn.  A great run set by the hares, easy to follow (wish the street lighting had been a bit brighter).

Circle was called by GG and a good circle it was too!

No visitors this week but we did have to two returnees:

  • Sarge back from holidays
  • Cookie who we will now see more of as she is no longer working away.

On Heat reached 269 runs and was rewarded with a special down down.

The night belonged to Liberty with a magnificent 1500 runs, the first to reach this milestone in the Perth Harriettes. What an achievement, congratulations Liberty!

It was also Liberty’s birthday so not one but two cakes, one for her 1500th and a birthday cake.  Shorty and Rations both had birthdays….more lovely cake.

DIY received the bitchy britches, something about better pancakes (sorry can’t remember the whole story).

Tip’m got the Droopy Boobs for tripping up the week before in the kitchen on a step that blind Freddie would have seen.

Two rich Harriettes each got new cars Thrifty and Cheapy, lucky girls.

Tip’m, Cleopatra and Deaconess all got down downs for having something new also.

We were told that Cowpat’s Dad had passed away.

On On