Run: 1916


Another cool evening as the Perth Harriettes congregated at Camel’s house in Ellenbrook. It took a while for the pack to move out the front, with our glowing (in her pink hi-vis) GM Gossip Girl chatting to herself for a while as we waiting for the hare to make an appearance. It turns out some of the hold-up may have been ‘Trip-em’ doing a number on herself in the kitchen on the way out.

It was on chalk, on the right, on paths or roadsides and on-on thataway.

There were purple boobs going everywhere as the runners shot off along the well-marked trail and many of the walkers made their own shortcuts around and through the ECU campus.

On-on to the Circle…………………….

Hare and Co Hare:

  • Camel and her co-hare Shorty get a down down.


  • Annette gets a down down as a visitor, even though she joined us tonight.


  • Cheapy is back from nine weeks travelling the world. She hadn’t forgotten how to down down though.
  • Bumbo got one last week, but gets another for good measure.
  • Dynamo
  • Home James

New Member:

  • The lovely Annette has decided to join us tonight, and so we get her up for another down down. New members need to practice, after all! She tried to flash us all her purple undies, so we’re sure she fits right in.

Special Runs:

  • Our shiny GM Gossip Girl with 150 runs, congratulations!
  • Even Stevens was surprised to find out that she’d hit an amazing 1050 runs tonight.



  • Postponed until next week due to a tragic cake shortage.


Bitchy Britches

  • Tutti and Cow Pat finally got to hand over the britches this week, giving them to a well deserving Ball Breaker who managed to be bitchy to ALL the Harriettes at once with her comment that our new member Annette is ‘a bit young and attractive to be a Harriette’!


Droopy Boobs:

  • Suction gets to keep them again because she wasn’t there to hand them over.


Henrietta Herk Bear;

  • Better late than never, I suppose – Firefly is taking Herky home with her for a while thanks to her impressive efforts in Busselton.



A down down for……

  • Rations, the only Perth Harriette to complete the marathon this year.
  • All of those volunteers who assisted with the marathon drink stop this year.
  • Kebab for not only volunteering at the Rocky City marathon drink stop, but for taking a Hamersley man with her.
  • Roll On for being a chatterbox all the way through circle.
  • Wombat for her grammar error in the boobline. (Hey, at least we know someone’s reading it!)
  • Tip‘m for trying to put holes in the cupboard when she stacked it prior to the run.


General Business:

  • Xena is collecting money for Purple Bra Day fundraising for Breast Cancer Care, and will post the link to the FB group for anyone that prefers to donate online.
  • Commando gives us the totals raised from the Blue Dress Run in Freo: $939.85 in the bucket and $200 from the Busso Boys. Some quick math in her head and she announces the grand total of $1139.85. (There’s also some more $ coming from the sale of the cornflowers left over, so Commando takes a down down for not including that in the total even though she wasn’t given the money to count) .
    The next Harriettes social event is open to partners and other clubs. We’re going bowling on July 10th at the Rosemount Bowl, North Perth. First 40 in get to play, and anyone else can meet us at the pub (Rosemount Hotel) for some drinks. RSVP to Wombat.
    Update your details in the annual. The printout file is here for two weeks only, please make sure you update your details and tick the check box before it’s too late.
  • Seagul requested a double bed & chest of drawers for a friend, a few generous Harriettes will speak to her privately.
  • Hash Splash announced a few little changes to the soft drink supplied, paring the variety back to the basics moving forwards. (Likely Coke, lemonade, ginger beer)
    If you’re a ‘Fanta’ fiend you’ll have to BYO.
  • Xena announced that there will be a new Perth Harriettes Facebook group soon which will be OPEN and PUBLIC – which means no membership requirements to join, other clubs etc can see what we’re up to and we can be more involved with the Hash community at large. The existing facebook group will remain private and has now been marked “(Member’s Only)”. All discussion about skits, travel plans etc is to remain in the private group/s for Perth Harriette’s eyes only. The new public group is for us to show the world how great the Perth Harriette’s are.
  • Tutti was chasing some folding trestle tables for her daughters (sold out) event. Many offers, so I’m sure she sorted something out.
  • Shorty was given a down down as it’s coming up to ‘her day’ on Saturday – the SHORTY-est day of the year.


We sang our song, feasted on delicious curry, rice and pappadums and the one lonely cake was shared around.


A great night as always. See you in Wangara next week. Bring your chairs, there’s plenty of room and plenty of parking.