Run #: 1915


A chilly evening as the girls and a boy gathered for Back Seat’s run around the sights of Iluka. Must look lovely in the daylight with parks, ponds, lovely gardens, water features, nature path and ocean views but all too dark to appreciate in June so a summer run next time please Back Seat.

6.5 kms later the pack arrive home feeling warmer but not for long as the chill is felt again, not so for Wombat still in her T‐shirt at 10pm, Brrrrr!

On to the Circle

Hare and Co Hare:

  • Back Seat, Gorgeous and “Andy the chef” have a down down.


  • Smithy with a Stiffy from Cyprus, joined by our very own Stiffy. As we all know when one Stiffy drinks all stiffies drink.


  • Bumbo
  • Even Stevens
  • Stiffy
  • Kuntucky

Naughty Ones:

Tutti Fruitti and Mary Poppins for sitting on their asses in the circle.

Special Runs:

A surprised Crafty with 450 runs, congratulations!


  • The glamorous DJ a big 60, complete with zimmer frame stocked with emergency rations- Baby Cham and an incontinence pad!!
  • The lovely CTD with a very yummy cake by Crafty recipe to follow.

Bitchy Britches and Droopy Boobs:

Remain with Tutti Fruitti and Cow Pat. Only nice girls present tonight! Droop Boobs….Leopard hands them over to Suction who took the wrap for Sphinx. Not sure why but will you do that for me too?


  • NO CHARGES !! Like I said no Bitches here tonight!!

General Business:

  • Shorty gave us the low down on the Marathon Drink Stop this Sunday morning 7.30, The Brewery, Mounts Bay Rd. Please Support!!
  • Brunch at the Hillarys Marina this Saturday.
  • Flyer coming out soon for next event on the 10 July open to all comers – partners and other clubs.
  • Xena tells us $850 / $900 raised for/from the Blue Dress Run in Freo last week.

Lost Property:

  • Roll On and yours truly (Camel) have a wee drinkie for leaving our bits at NoNo’s.

A great night, thanks all. See you in Edgewater next week OnOn