Run #: 1913



  • Annabel


  • Home James, Aunty Val and Cookie

Special Runs

  • Double D 50 runs and DJ made a very special cake


  • Cookie and DJ with more yummy cakes


  • Great run set by Goats Breath and very well delegated by No No, all home by 8pm.  Lots of chatter around the nibblies, Cleopatra was overheard to say they got lost and she had the nerve to blame Shorty that doesn’t sound right, should have been a charge there GM commenced the circle with all the down downs for Hares, Returnees, Special Runs and Birthdays, Aunty Val for yet again becoming a “Granny Fanny” 

Bitchy Britches

  • Tutti Fruitti and Cowpat joint winners from last week they got to keep them for still being bitches, and girls I think it was quite VULGAR of you both to show us all that. You can both fit in a leg each grrrr (I’m just jealous)

Droopy Boobs

  • Sarge for leaving visitors stranded in Fremantle, then took a step back and let a Harrier take over the rescue and stuffing it all up


  • Oasis off to France
  • Sarge off to Africa with her sister….noissse
  • Knockers back to Sydney…..WHY ?
  • GM charged DJ and Super for all the cutlery clanging while the GM was trying to run the circle
  • Wombat stuff up in the newsletter
  • Deaconess taking others past a F/T
  • Head Banger was charged for something I missed
  • Roll On for new shoes.

I do remember Guide Dog prattling on about something ????

Lovely warm soups and snags in blankets to follow

Thank you to No No – ohhh and if I have to Goats Breath

On On

Gorgeous for Backseat