Run #1910


Liberty’s Geometric Run

I did say geometric not geriatric!! A bit of a cold night but a good turnout for one of our longest running hares. We wandered around the streets of Wembley in a geometric pattern down streets and up laneways until we found our way back. This was a rare occasion were I was somewhere in the middle of the pack most of the run, chatting as you do and following those in front.

Happy to get back to Liberty’s wonderful back garden although a bit chilly so jackets were in order.


  • Wombat was stand-in GM again, good practice for August, she did warn she is on baby watch but got through the circle without a call.
  • Liberty got her DOWN DOWN for the run.


  • Annette was back for a 2nd run and already possible names were flying about….


  • A whole raft of returnees this week, where have they all been? Rambling, Wenchy, Squirrel, Gorgeous, Backseat, Pumpkin and Super. I hope they have all been off having great adventures like Rambling and Wenchy in Vietnam.

Special Runs:

  • Banger started us off with her 69er, 369 to be exact and she asked “does she have to screw and suck??”……a true Harriette!!!!
  • Camel has done a wonderful 450 runs – well done!!!
  • Guide Dog has managed to run and get lost 400 times – a wonderful achievement, and a lovely photo collage to remember it by (with comments from Lone Ranger about friends in the photos so Guide Dog doesn’t only have Roll On as a friend!)


  • Rambling celebrated her 60th birthday in Vietnam but we didn’t forget her and Wenchy went all out and baked all day to bring a cake from the Cheesecake shop which I am informed was delicious.
  • Cowpat also celebrated her birthday on same day as Rambling but was missing in action last week so got her happy birthdays this week

Granny Fanny Nannie:

  • Xena became a Granny Fanny Nannie and received a drink for her beautiful grandson

Bitchy Britches:

  • Xena was determined to get these this week, no one else came close.
  1. When Rambling’s cake came out and the 60 decorations would not stay in place “.06 is blood alcohol reading not her age!”
  2. Two cherries on Rambling’s cake – is Rambling getting her cherry back!
  3. On seeing Jewells tonight – look what the cat dragged in

Well done Xena three nominations!

Droopy Boobs:

  • Halfcut tried to nominate Sarge but it didn’t stick
  • Leopard was nominated for morning tea Friday before, photo taken of group but Roll On hid behind Lone Ranger as and Leopard asked on FB why Lone Ranger blocked her mum!


Charges were a bit light on this week:

  • Suction for no hash shirt
  • Backseat for saying that Gorgeous’ hole in her ear drum was letting her brain seep out.