Run #: 1909

Headbanger’s Forrestfield Frolic

It was a beautiful, still evening, as a much smaller pack than usual, set out from Headbanger’s home in Forrestfield.

Hobbling along on one and a half legs, I was joined by Oasis and Seagull, who kindly walked at my slow pace, so that I wouldn’t be on my own. Before long we saw Kebab and No No turning back, with Kebab explaining “I’m injured!” Not sure what No No’s excuse was!

All was well for the first two or three FT’s, with the pack kept well together, but as the run progressed and the pack inevitably spread out, we turned back, rather than risk getting lost…..again!!

Back home, 8 o’clock came…….and went. 8.15 came……and went and at almost 8.30, Headbanger could stand it no longer and was about to start the search party………………

I think Blew He was the first back, closely followed by everyone else, in various stages of exhaustion, confusion, perspiration, irritation, and exhilaration. Just as well it was a beautiful evening out! Apparently they had been running around in circles, or somehow crossing the trail they’d already run, or something……I did say confusion. I think Google was needed to sort things out!

Wombat hurried for her car keys to go and rescue Buttless, who had “seized up” and couldn’t quite make the distance.


  • In the absence of GG, Wombat ascended the throne.
  • Headbanger got her DOWN DOWN for the “run. “ I think I heard the word “Marathon” in there somewhere!


  • Mary Poppins and Crafty were welcomed back;
  • The injured, maimed and not quite limbless – Buttless, Puddles, Kebab and Liberty – were given a drink, and by this time Wombat realised she was supposed to remind me to take some notes! Sooooo, if I’ve forgotten anything, you can blame Wombat………..she won’t mind!

Bitchy Britches:

  • What is it about Lone Ranger? She always seems to be opening her mouth just when it’s Britches time………..this time though, she DID look genuinely embarrassed. Her crime was not only noticing, but actually having the temerity, to remark, how OLD some of us are!

Droopy Boobs:

  • Half Cut left the Boobs at home, (THE boobs, not HER boobs,) but was glad to pass them on to Guide Dog, who looked a picture in her matching purple and white hair and shirt…… idea why she got the boobs, as I was so distracted by all that purple!
  • Half Cut again took centre stage with Tip’m. She wanted to bask in the glory of leading the pack, but I suspect Wombat was looking for someone to blame for leading the pack round in circles!
  • No No and Squota were charged for STILL not knowing how to set up the table for the splash, but somehow it didn’t stick and Squota suggested that maybe it’s because they’re so OLD!

If there was more, I’m sorry, but I forget……………it’s because I’m so OLD!!

The circle ended with a rousing rendition of our song, very capably led by Sarge, who made sure her Boobs were very Beautifully Bouncing!!

Thank you Headbanger.

ON ON to Wembley, where the streets are all in blocks, and you can’t run round in circles!!