Hare: Tip’m

RUN # 1908

On a lovely fine evening in Noranda we ran the trail. Twice we ran on RANMORE Way until we ran all the Way to the On Home.

GM GG started the circle off with down downs for the Hare Tip’m and her Co-hare XYZ. XYZ who helped mark the trail while Tip’m was busy dancing around the kitchen making delicious Chilli con carne, macaroni cheese and salads.

Visiting Virgins tonight were Annette and Coral (aka Nemo) and Sarge’s cousin Marjorie from Sydney.

Occy’s daughter Freddo was back to visit us from Cairns.

Numerous Returnees were DMD, Cookie, Captain Knockers, MatchBox, Teflon Tart and Butt-Less in the circle for a down down.

Cowpat had the Special Run number 150 and received a big yummy iced fruit cake to mark the occasion.

It has taken Tuitti Fruitti has taken eight years but finally got to 369 runs and finally got to hold onto the Pink P***s Cup so the GM GG let Tutti Fruitti hold it for longer than usually socially acceptable.

Bitchy Britches

  • Nominations were FireFly for telling XYZ to get in so there would be somebody sexy in the photo with the GM and Tip’m.
  • The Bitchy Britches were awarded to Wombat as she mentioned Deaconess could not keep the candles alight on the cake as she was talking so much that she kept blowing them out.

Droopy Boobs

  • Occy nominated Cleopatra for running so fast on trail that she missed the markings and the False Trails. Occy was then nominated as that’s not Cleopatra that was Sphinx. Half Cut was nominated for calling out when walking up the first hill “Hash Car, Hash Car”, however it wasn’t a Car; it was a Torch! Half Cut wears the Droopy Boobs unanimously.

General Business:

  • Perth Crankers – Sunday 3th May
    2pm Rego for a 2.30 start
    Hillarys Park, Lymburner Drive, Hillarys.
    $15 for the ride which includes two drink stops, bubbly and food.
    A trail will be marked from the Greenwood train station to the start at Hillarys Park.
  • Rocky City Pink Breast Run
    12th May
  • Blue Dress Run
    2nd June – has been moved to Captain Munchies (24 hour burger bar). 2 Beach Street Fremantle
  • MatchBox had some Hash haberdash to give away.


  • Wombat –who hasn’t collected their USBs? DIY
  • Lost Property charge Tip’m on Cookie as she still had her blue wine glass from Busso.
  • Kentucky was charged with swopping on the Busso shirt and hat.
  • Sarge charged Suction for not getting in the Circle with the returnees as she has been away holidaying in Thailand.
  • Shorty charged Tip’m for contaminating the Harriettes run trail with Hamersley arrows!
  • Deaconess on Aunty Val who kept calling out, “Where’s Aunty Pam? Where’s Aunty Pam?” In her defense Aunty Val knew Liberty wouldn’t get lost but Aunty Pam might! If one Aunty Pam drinks, all Aunty Pam’s drink so Anyname and Miss Muffet joined Aunty Val and Liberty for a down down.
  • GG got Guide Dog with her purple and white locks out into the circle to give us sports report. Who won this weekend? Glory won, Fever won and The Dockers won.

Kentucky in her new Busso Nash Hash gear was asked to lead us into the Song – the silence was deafening – “Oh, I’m going to have to learn the words” – Who wants to see a Miracle?

On On to next week’s Run bought to you by:

30 Citrine Gardens Forrestfield
(Just down Tonkin Highway. Turn left at Hale Road and Left at the Gumnut Fountain.)