Run: #1905


We all hippity hopped along to CTD’s last Tuesday night for an Easter run, some pretty bunnies were there, we finished up in the park having an Easter Egg Hunt. A few of us were lucky enough to find a bag of chocolate eggs.


  • Crafty and Scumbag.


  • Louise and Erica
  • Heavy Breathing and Tinkerbell, who are over here on holiday from CH3, Cheshire, UK.


  • Deaconess from watching the Cricket!!!

Special Run:

  • Kebab – 550, Anyname supplied cake.


  • Kentucky was 21 again!!

Bitchy Britches:

  • Head Banger was presented with these for remarking that the person who was receiving the birthday cake must be really old judging by the smoke coming from the candles.

Droopy Boobs:

  • Occy still has them, but Kebab to receive them for not knowing it was her 550 run.

Down Downs:

  • All the Kiwi’s were called out for losing at the Cricket
  • DJ for changing Kentucky’s name when GG was absent.
  • Auntie Val for new baby Sadie Jane.
  • Head Banger for not knowing the number of the house
  • Our visitors from Cheshire for being late for the run.
  • Cheapy was charged for retiring in 2 days!!

Head Banger came into the circle and gave us details of The Crankers run on Sunday, she also told us an Easter joke for which she receive an egg.
We all then joined in a good singalong of Who Wants To See A Miracle, and received a lovely supper from CTD and helpers.
Good night was had by all.