Run#:    1900


CHINESE NEW YEAR       The Year of the Goat – Greatest Of All Time!!!

Hare: Committee

The GM, GG, splendid in her Red Chinese dress, welcomed everyone in ‘Corona Chinese’! A welcoming ceremony was carried out at the entry and each Harriette was greeted ‘Gong Hey Fat Choy’ (Happy New Year). Staying with Chinese tradition (and Hash tradition) everyone received a superb Twin Hill’s bottle of Port with a Chinese Lucky Red Money envelope.

A surprise showing by the Chinese Harriette dragons, who symbolised Harriettes symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it (like all of us).

There was a quick walk around the park and back to the GM’s Tai Chi lesson to bring the mood to a calm and tranquil state; (yeh! and that GOAT might fly too, LOL!!!).

The circle got under way with a big thanks (Xia Xia) from the GM to the committee for a wonderful evening.


  • Thrust from Tasmania who walked here?! OK maybe from the train station as she didn’t leave her mobile number when she asked for a lift and no one could contact her!!! Bloody Tasmanian’s!!


  • Jam Tart, Matchbox, Stiffy, La Fitz, Blew He and Firefly


  • Cheapy and La Fitz and panic…. no cake! But wait we have the 1900th Run Chinese cake of rice noodles – YUM phew!

69ers – None (but some would like one haha!!!)

Bitchy Britches:

  • DIY – after out shimmying Guide Dog!

Droopy Boobs:

  • Wenchy for forgetting skit practice………..Guide Dog a close 2nd, forgetting who she was going to nominate?!


  • All the Goats – being born in the year of the Goat or coming dressed as a goat: SAM, Roll On, Kebab and Rambling
  • Sarge took centre stage and talked about a run in China in 1978 when the club was started!

New Charge:

  • Ahhh! Naughty Corner – CTD and Gorgeous for talking the whole time.

General Business:

  • Tip’M made a Chinese offering to the GM, a wine bottle cover, very Chinesey.
  • They charged the Tasmanian for something?!
  • Raffle of the Sex toys, the much sort after Rabbit was won by Wenchy and the other naughty gifts to DIY, Firefly and Kebab.

The Chinese entertainment ‘Quee’ was a cracker! He could hardly speak a word of English, so it became ‘Mudder on lee Dance Floor’ with very competitive karaoke session between Suction, Tip’m and DJ the fight for the microphone was on. They all should take singing lessons because they sounded like a pack of back street Chinese cats, caterwauling.

A weird ceremonial touching of the Chinese Dragons tongues by the GM and Sarge before the cutting of the cake!!!!

A delicious spread of Chinese Cuisine by Fortuna Chinese Restaurant and equally delicious non-Chinese cake.

Bloody good 1900th Run!