Run: 1904


The night was pleasant enough as we all started out after GM called all out the front and introduced the run and highlighted the visitors. Halfcut called the run and off we headed towards Herdsman Lake.

The night was very dark and some of us had remembered our torches. Not too far along the track and there was as rustle in the water followed by an almighty scream and jump from Sarge. Once my heart stopped racing I thought that perhaps that spook in the water has much to answer for.

Halfcut raced ahead on her bike and some kind person up the trail…I think it might have been our illustrious leader GG tried to entice many of our group to swim across the water!!!

The walk/run continued on along the water way for some distance, the noise level of companions was at times bearable and there was a distinct lack of calling along the way.

Back to Halfcut’s and the noise level increased as all shared stories of the week.


  • Halfcut was given a drink for a well set run.


  • Popeye, Running Bear and 1.5 kids in tow.

Special Runs:

  • Seagul recalled her first run 1,150 runs ago and was given a well-deserved down- down.
  • Cowpat and Kebab did not think the night special enough to celebrate their special runs with the rest of the group.


  • Happy birthday and special cakes for both GG and Banger.

Bitchy Britches:

  • Suction – forgot the britches. Call Girl promised to remind Suction next week.

Droopy Boobs:

  • Suction takes both awards this week, this time for throwing the remainder of her last down down over Coaster’s bag.


  • GG from world travels
  • Dynamo from Bali
  • Crafty and Seagul from Tasmania
  • Running Bear


  • Tutti Fruitti – by GG for standing because she sits every week.
  • Roll On – by Tip’m for not knowing North from South. Rambling in response – “just when has it been a crime not knowing where you art!”
  • Cleo, Sphinx , Halfcut and Suction by Guide Dog for talking in the circle.
  • Shorty for yelling at Halfcut and Co.
  • Bumbo for wanting to abandon our group for a Gallipoli Cruise.
  • Deaconess on the arrival of her new granddaughter – Maggie.

General Business:

Lost Property

  • Various items
  • Mandurah HASH
  • India HASH
  • Pan Asia
  • Bali HASH
  • Hammersley 1900 – 6:30 next Tuesday at Yokine Reserve.

Circle over, great food served, lots of drink, talk and merriment from all.

Thanks Halfcut – great night, good food, great company.

On On