10 March 2015

As people started arriving gossip from the Nash Hash weekend exchanged amid lots of laughter making for a noisy venue. The pink harriette shirt was well represented.

Finally called out the front by stand-in GM DJ (seems all the other contenders are still off partying or recovering). Nightfill explained it was a long run as apparently her previous run was criticised for being too short. Well this run was OK. There was some confusion at the start with the arrows left from Rambling’s run a few weeks ago (apparently not enough rain or sprinklers to wash them off), but the pack finally got into the swing of it and was soon making their way through the area. We went past LaFitz’s place (with no drink stop!) and into Hamersley. With lots of falsies the pack almost hung together as we headed over the freeway into Carine then finally past the Warwick train station and on home.

Back home the noise level once again rose as further tales from the week-end were exchanged until DJ called for the circle.



  • Nightfill was given a drink for a well set run.


  • Wild Cat and Wild Boar from Malaysia were given a drink. Seems they got lost on the way home from Busselton.

Special Runs

  • Sarge given a well deserved drink for her 1450 run. Congratulations!!
  • Nightfill given a drink for her 469er. She was more worried about what the grandchildren would think about the drinking vessel then anything.

General Business

  • Anyname had a cake for Kebab (and all the Harriettes in Busselton) for enabling her to enjoy Busselton vicariously through their “social media”. Seems everyone had a good time with no complaints about the organisation.
  • Deaconess has a few of the Nash Hash bags ($20) and towels ($15) for sale. Contact her – first in gets the gear.
  • XGMs Run next week is at Shorty’s – St Patrick’s Day theme.
  • Run book (or sheet) is still missing. If you see it please return to DJ. She has started a new sheet for the 1900th Run (2 weeks ago). So if you were there please make sure you mark the sheet.

Lost property

  • Various items


  • Jewells charged On Heat for not naming people when they get a down-down. Both were charged
  • Deaconess charged OTT for not knowing if she was at the 1900th Run. Considered too droopy to miss so she gets the Droopy Boobs.
  • Roll On charged Kebab for telling lies. She didn’t actually miss her Mum on the weekend – she was too busy having a good time with her rubber man and a turd (best not to get too much information)
  • Cleopatra charged Sphinx with new shoes, also Anyname and On Heat. All get to drink out of them.
  • Sarge charged Suction for not wearing a hash shirt. That reminded DJ that Suction had been bitchily hogging the mic at the 1900th Run so that her and Tip’m missed out. So she got the Bitchy Britches.
  • Commando charged Firefly for earning Henrietta Herk Bear on the weekend. She and Matchbox got a drink. Matchbox was in the wrong place at the wrong time as Firefly managed to throw up on her!


  • Deliverance was renamed Kentucky. Something to do with chickens….ask her for the details – they got lost in the noise of the night!


  • Leopard has returned from her wanderings.

Circle over and the noise level rose until the food was served!


On On to the XGMs run!!