Run 1898      10/02/2015


  • Rambling – had no co hare as she set the run at 5am


  • Michelle – who likes to run


  • Teflon Tart – who fractured her ankle dancing. Hopes to lose the boot before the red dress run

Special Runs:

  • Rice Bowl – celebrating 469 runs


  • Dynamo – Who was absent….probably in Bali

Bitchy Britches:

Teflon has retained them for going on a date on Tuesday night

Droopy Boobs:

  • Squota retained them as there were no contenders


  • Sarge and Home James – for talking during the circle
  • Tuitti Fruitti – for not wearing her hash shirt
  • Bumbo – who swam the Busselton Jetty race
  • DJ – for finding her purse

General Business:

  • T Shirts and cap are for sale
  • Rotto this weekend and according to Roll On the assistant organiser it promises to be fantastic.
  • Circle concluded with Even Stevens leading us in song and it was On On to a yummy dinner of cold meat and salad.

Thanks Rambling