Run 1895   20/01/2015

Here goes the decipher of my chicken scratching (never thought I could read hieroglyphics much less actually write them.)

Fabulous night for a run (well a walk and a talk in my case) DIY looking demur in the Virgin Cape sent us on our way around the streets of Dianella. ‘Twas a little warm to begin with but we gathered some breeze along the way or maybe that was just the whooshing air as the runners passed us by.

Had a surprise fruit stop too…Shorty announced ‘drink stop’ and we got a little excited so we sucked the heck out of that fruit hoping for traces of vodka…no luck…thank you anyway DIY it was very, very refreshing

Circle was called and our Virgin Hare took her down down with Blew-He (standing in for Wenchy who was so exhausted after helping set the trail she needed to head overseas for some rest.)

The call for visitors and up comes Double D’s Dash looking dashing as ever.


  • Captain Knockers who has been absent scouring South Australia looking for a man with a big BOAT!!!! Be cautious Cap’n it might be true…..the bigger the boat the smaller the….!!!!


  • Happy birthday to Blew-He the big 25 and Suction who celebrated too much in Bali and needed to keep her shades on….yippeee cakes!! And then out came a vacuum cleaner instead….Mustang made an awesome cake in the shape of a ‘Joyce’ vacuum cleaner with attached description…Magnificent suction in a small package…..clearly she is well named.

Bitchy Britches:

  • The Britches were absent but bitches were alive and kicking. Double D was nominated for suggesting Suction had her Sunnies on in the dark coz of the amount of candles on her cake….meeeeyow!!!!

Droopy Boobs:

And the nominees are…..

  • Blew-He for forgetting to bring the boobs.
  • DJ apparently stressing because she had lost her phone…luckily it was found a short while later in her pants pocket….and yes!!! She was wearing them at the time hmmmmm……too much champers me thinks.
  • Captain Knockers also forgot who was looking after her keys for her.

New Shoes:

  • Double D and Rambling took a gulp from their shoes and had matching souls and no they weren’t ‘R’souls


  • Occy for wanting alcohol instead of fruit (can’t see the problem myself teehee)
  • Gorgeous actually fell ‘up’ some stairs I am sure it was delicately done
  • Sarge was apparently rude to Even Stevens…..something about dressing as a red dragon
  • Rice Bowl and Tutti Frutti for sitting down and when they said ‘but we only just sat down’ then out of the heavens a choir of angels sang ‘bullshit bullshit it all sounds like bullshit to me to me’
  • Roll On and Lone Ranger….Yep you guessed it???
  • Wombat was up there for telling everyone to come to her for the 1900th flyer…Helloooooo doesn’t she still have her “On Sec” plates on…serve the people Wombat your time will come soon enough haha!!!

General Business:

  • 24th Feb announced as the 1900th Celebration at Carine Open Space. Theme is Chinese New Year (this year it’s the yer of the Goat) Wow a good “who flung dung” night.
  • Reminded by GG to please pay your subs girls or you will be paying $40 on the night.
  • Call for payments and folding beds etc for Rotto please contact Lone Ranger
  • Busso Nash Hash apparently has too many friggin’ ambles for GG to mention them all.
  • Occy called for Harriettes to attend the Crankers AGPU at Lake Leschenaultia. Clarification for the purer girls Annual General Piss Up and no you don’t need to ride there you don’t even need to own a bike. The crankers song to the tune of ‘Daisy’ is so clever and Occy sang it loud and proud so be careful if you don’t attend she just might ‘shove a bicycle tube where the sun don’t shine’

Everyone then feasted on delicious corned beef and salad and then scoffed those yummy cakes down to the last finger smear of chocolate ganache.

On On to my place in your finest Oz gear to the annual Australia Day Run/waltz/slum stroll/crawl/ verge pickup/swim/ maybe even cricket


PS: be aware the street has turned into a bit of a carpark these days…so suck up to some buddies and car pool if you can.